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Deep Space Scouting Party for

October and November: This neutrino thing is funny. Scientists think they know what's going on but they shape-shift with the worst of the werewolves. Yes, in two straightforward installments.

Five pointed star inspired designs. Select designs are here and our store is at Zazzle.  The only harmonious 10 point star

Book review: Most Secret War

New Book Quantum Pythagoreans arose from the ongoing pursuit of QM and the forces responsible for organization. Summary To Publisher...

5 point star designs
Preview of illustrations based on the five point star. All are nature inspired

Cosmic proportions

  New Star In The Heavens. Two planets make a five-pointed star. Two other planets are making a two-pointed star. The eight-pointed star needs Mars and all are musical, too. Kepler helps out with the dual ring and Fibonacci gets answers from Gauss. Pythagoras knew it all along

  What is the golden ratio in practical terms and what it takes to construct it geometrically. We take the golden ratio to the bank. Then we build the pentagon and the Great Pyramid with a pinch. It's about the Pi, too

  Construct a pentagram and pentacle with a compass -- it's the only way to make it perfect. Geometry vs. Arithmetic is not a pastime sport. 2040 is the number to watch. Tile the pentagon and the five pointed star and get virtual objects. Take a [the] pentagon to 3D

  Essay: Here, have some light with ether on top. Let light swim in ether and it all adds up. If air and glass are media then ether is a medium. Michelson and Morley got it right -- can you visualize instant adaptation by light?

  Black Hole My Foot. Getting rid of the black hole clears your head and gets you systemic. Think reversible transformations

Quantum mechanics of gravitation

Primer on Quantum Mechanics with points of departure. From dual slit to Heisenberg and then you take it from there -- we use both the electrons and photons. Meet the velocity-position meld

New Interpretation of starlight-bending experiment of 1919. They're all dead (and) wrong and now you can clean up or possibly clean out. A good starting point for getting hold of the light

Take advantage of the truth: If light cannot put pressure on a mirror then laser has no recoil. Do theXperiment

Stump your teacher. Once you know better answers you supply your own jaw droppers. Seven ways to dust 'em. It's okay to keep teachers in deep thought

Drop into Center of Gravitation. Intense, but you may enjoy clicking your way out. Establishes gravitation via a quantum wavefunction. Effects of the gravitational force is not only acceleration but organization as well


Free energy. If you can transform it, you can use it. Plasma is in muggles' heads. Z in ZPE stands for a point and point is the atom. Shake 'em for ZPE, swirl them for Schauberger

Squaring a circle. What if the straight and the curving paths cannot be the same? Does a moving object have a problem making a turn? Yes, it's about energy

Pythagoreans were and are a brotherhood. Pythagoras laid out our foundation of creation and he did it with numbers and operators. Yes, geometry is about energy and Pythagoras is indigenous science

Reiki Energy Good and healing energies are here again. Perhaps they never left

Circle and Pi. Everybody is coming up with new interpretations. The mindless gyro knows but some people don't. Are we there yet?

new structures with quantum mechanics

New Millennium Technology Targets. Fusion with a twist but no jam. Loaded to last a thousand years

Patternia. Patterns that can turn you on safely, particularly if you like atoms. Sparse, but picture is worth a millennium

New Definition of Gravitation. Three Slides. From grass roots conference in Reno. No search engine can read these slides

Alchemy is and is not. Intro to alchemy and its relevance today. The Emerald Tablet is full of alchemy talk and we do the translation. This can be bigger than Leonardo but we have his Vitruvian Man as well

Self-Organization. Get life. Here you have to work your self. Free warning included. Organize your toolbox

Three-body instability and new computational methods. Can you say nonpolynomial? The butterfly effect? Thanks, I'll keep the change

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Book Reviews We review books of interest and include an editorial from time to time

Crop Circles super pictures, site by David Pratt. Inspiring, challenging, entrancing or what? How would you test your projection engine?

Another artist can fold a paper circle (plate) in the most unusual and pleasant ways. Bradford Hansen-Smith is from Chicago

Physics with classical attitude, from Canada: NewtonPhysics. Lightspeed is absolute. Fun site if you like equations and more equations

Esoteric Pythagoreans. From France but not cheesy. Bit scholarly -- with a unique Greek nomenclature

University Corp for Atmospheric Research. Info about Our solar system (Oss). There are many sites on Oss but this one is well organized and has an excellent internal search


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