Leaving the scientists' sandbox


Photonic or radiation pressure, theXperiment

    When a beam of laser light bounces off a mirror, is pressure created?
    Are photons imparting momentum to a mirror at reflection?
    Does a photon exert force at the bounce and move or accelerate a mirror?

    Simply put, can light push a mirror?


Say YES and you are the case Y. If photons of light have real energy, then a beam of laser light packs enough punch to enable the actual measurement of the photonic (aka radiation) pressure on the mirror's surface. This is no rocket science.

Say NO and you are the case N. A photon is massless and, despite the mainstream scientists' pronouncements, the case for photonic pressure is not clear cut. NASA PhDs have equations (and degrees) galore but no laser beam experiment to back them up. Yeah, they refer to the Russian 1901 experiment that "something moved," but this and other demonstrations are all pre-laser. This ain't rocket science.

The preliminaries

Photons of light may or may not have inertia -- that is, photons may or may not have momentum -- either linear and/or angular. The implications are great and the result will set the tone and direction for the Third Millennium.

    Y: Hard science types have been smug in their dismissal of the ether by saying "Show me" for hundred years now because -- once photons are presumed to have the real punch of its momentum -- the ether just isn't there

    N: Other science types wonder why such a straightforward laser-on-mirror experiment was not performed. Are the hard science types at the end of a rope and just cannot look down?



Behind the case Yes and No is something else: ether. If you said Yes you most certainly don't like ether and any of its complications.

Yet, while

Case Y: Ether is dead
Case N: Long live ether

the real idea is to:

Let the mirror move where it may

theXperiment will demonstrate if a beam of laser light can move a mirror. Laser beam's bouncing off the surface might produce pressure that could be measured if such pressure exists.

    Y: The absence of ether -- or some kind of medium -- necessitates that the real energy and momentum of light is present with light at all times. Each and every photon would then carry its own momentum. Therefore, a mirror must move as light bounces off a mirror and puts force at rebound.

    N: The presence of ether calls for light to negotiate, or "compute," its propagation through the distance of space. Light's energy need not become real until the photon is absorbed. Because a mirror does not absorb light, a mirror will not move even though light reverses direction.

    You will note that all demos of laser-induced movements rely on photonic absorption. More recent cases are: (1) optic fiber bends even more after light passes through it*, or (2) a bubble of liquid moves after a laser is directed at it, or (3) something moves when a laser heats up gas near its surface (which is a variation on light mill). Of course, any heating by laser is prima facie evidence of absorption. If you want to examine or argue any claims, all you need to ask is, "would it continue to work the same way in a vacuum and without heat?" It should if the photonic pressure exists.

    What is funny here is that scientists have historically been parading on the side of the truth. They would expose "frauds" of all kinds, from spirit séances to stage magic. But they are as phony as a three-dollar bill in regards to the photonic pressure. It is the very basic scientific incompetence that shifts the light bouncing pressure problem into contexts where the needed light absorption is unspoken or nicely tucked away (up in a sleeve).

    *___  If the fiber is bent and damaged, the absorbed light in the damaged side of the fiber will cause the fiber to heat up and expand -- and bend some more. To resolve the Y/N question you want to use a mirror. If a fiber optic cable visibly moves and you are the case Y, then there is enough force in it to move a mirror directly (and without absorption).



Y: Mirror moves, pressure from light's photons exists

    As you were. (In muggle speak, 'radiation pressure' exists.) The photon sail (or solar sail) experiment would be a real undertaking even though in your travels you will account for every inch of distance.

    The idea behind theXperiment is not only that it is inexpensive but it is simple enough to be conclusive. It should certainly be performed before the photon sail project is funded. But you may suspect something is not right because JPL and NASA are talking about equations and not about testing the photon sail concept on a mirror in the laboratory.


N: Mirror does not move, photons of light cannot impart pressure on a mirror

    Light's momentum is virtual. Mathematically, photon's momentum is imaginary. It's a whole new world out there. Ether can be worked.

    .. hold infinity in the palm of your hand
    and eternity in an hour

       .. William Blake

    If the mirror does not move, photons of light do not and cannot force the mirror to move or put pressure on a mirror. Photon's pressure does not manifest at reflection and light's momentum is, physically and naturally, the virtual momentum.

    A hunch comes from light speed measurements. Repeated bouncing of a photon among mirrors does not slow light down -- that is, if one lightspeed measurement bounces light a thousand times while another just once, the measurement of lightspeed is not affected. A photon, then, is massless and cannot be modeled as a spring that slows down and speeds up again during reflection that could then "transfer momentum."

NASA lacks leadership. Possibly, NASA is devoid of leadership. NASA looks to Russia for things to do. On their own, NASA draws on their simpleton scientists for projects that "prove" that the sky's background radiation is homogeneous and that the slight temperature increase proves some post-factum fitted equation that has nothing to do with anything. Technology? Slightly better than a microwave oven even if it works as claimed.

The conclusion is that NASA is intellectually limited by its people and its management. They closed ranks because they can only work in limited space, physically and mentally. NASA surrounds itself with people that try to dumb down others to make themselves look as the only game in town.

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Talk is cheap, Feynman is cheaper

Case Y: If the experiment would prove the absence of photon's pressure -- well, lets give the audience a theory showing otherwise

    Give the interested people something to chew on and without needing to get off their chairs. Yes, it would be a theory that sits well with billiard balls and maybe you'd snare a few converts. And so it happened that a theory by Feynman is being publicized that claims a photon approaching a mirror surface is absorbed but then another photon of identical energy is created and so the photon is effectively reflected but there then also exists the mechanism for the two-fold momentum creation -- one at absorption and one at creation. Not bad as theories go.

Case N: A theory is nice but if you pursue the truth then a guy like Feynman is just another guy

    So where is the weakness of this theory? If you know something about light speed measurements, you will not have to leave your chair either. You start with the photon (re)creation: Every photon has a beginning and an end and that means that the creation of every photon takes finite time. So there would a delay at the bounce (hey, but so what). However, light speed measurements are done by bouncing a photon between mirrors. Now, whether you bounce the light just once or ten thousand times, the light speed you end up measuring is the same. There is no delay when a photon reflects from a mirror and hence there is no absorption and retransmission of a photon at a bounce.

You might be stuck on college science and think, for example, that Feynman absorb-radiate theory explains why light propagates at slower speed inside matter but not outside it. The problem is that at low temperature the measured light speed through some materials slows down dramatically, and Feynman theory fails here. The reason is that the photon creation delay must stay the same: Photons have the same energy -- that is, the wavelength is the same, and then the absorb-radiate delay would have to be the same and temperature-invariant. Another way of seeing it is that a photon creation corresponds to a particular orbital jump of a particular time duration and if the energy (wavelength) is the same (and it is) then the time delay must be the same -- and independent of temperature. The Feynman theory is just a speed bump you have to get over, even though some of you paid good money and got programmed with wrong things.

There is a different mechanism that explains the light slowing down in matter and this is the same mechanism that causes refraction. It is about interaction of light with orbital electrons and the Quantum Pythagoreans book describes it.


Talk is cheap. Speech is free if you work at it

It could be that all books written on solar sailing are but chronicles of our futile effort to build the perpetual motion machine -- or worse, subscribe to dead head and dead end science -- or worse yet, get funding for made-up, make believe science.

NASA scientists and private US interests from Space-dot-com encourage Russians to test solar sailing. Russians, in turn, use their submarine missiles to launch and test their rocketry -- but the photon sail module somehow "fails to deploy." It is not possible to argue that NASA is playing cat and mouse with the Russians. Such deception mentality then just dummies down our own work and I can imagine NASA turning down people offering breakthrough science.

The point is that NASA and Space-dot-com can pretend all they want but without understanding the real deal they can only pretend they know but will never deliver because they do not know what could be delivered. Space-dot-com are but fantasy publishers who attract clowns for pseudoscience, and for a price raise self-serving hoopla for NASA contractors.



The gateway question

There is a question that can launch a thousand ships: "If the photonic energy does not have inertia, how would that change the way we look at the world?" The admission of the existence of ether is not primary, for it is about the opportunities.

    Launching ShipOne: If energy does not manifest through light's inertia and a photon has no momentum to give at reflection or refraction -- what kind of energy are we talking about?

    Launching ShipTwo: If light has no pressure then a laser has no recoil

Description of theXperiment (42k pdf file)

Pathological science

Lasers powerful enough to directly measure the presumed pressure light imparts at reflection are available since the mid-1960s. The official Western science is in denial for over fifty years now. If a scientist cannot confirm facts because he or she cannot face up to reality -- and cannot do an experiment for half a century -- we are dealing with pathological science at its best: The best example of pathological science in the history of the world. It is the best of the bad science.

Presently, the scientist will direct microwaves or a laser onto everything and anything in order to claim that "something moved." But they are all staying away from a mirror, for a mirror will not absorb light as heat and will not move. The mirror presents the platform where the theoretical and the actual could be compared to many decimal places. Jungian psychology might work on the "fear of the mirror," as corruption is prevailing over advancement for a very long time. [Yes, Bunky, mirror properties are feminine.]

The basic premise is that the (laser) photons must not reduce as heat -- that is, imparting of the beam needs to be on a mirror. If the photons reduce as heat then force readily arises -- such as when photons are absorbed by gas at the surface of the light mill -- but that is not what this experiment is about and (of course) there is no gas at the surface of solar sails.

The amounts spent pursuing solar sailing and its derivatives the likes of black holes, gravitational waves and neutrinos are so large the perverted science has a life of its own. If it is not possible to reform the Soviet style don't-upset-things-by-asking-questions-stupid, the spending of no return is what will happen and NASA will remain grounded or be dismantled.


We may be witnessing the beginning of the end of NASA. Articles critical of NASA might have a lot to do with it -- attacking NASA from both the technical and managerial sides -- yet that is but a small part of it. Disintegration is happening from within, for the science and technology has ceased to be NASA's primary mission. NASA is now a political organization and people within it are behaving that way. In an established political system the elections invigorate the obsolete processes but that will not happen at NASA and that is why NASA has to go.

NASA has to go because the US economy has poor technological base, which in turn is caused by the reductionist science. What comes from NASA is a simpleton mix of science and technology, which is not only marginal but incorrect.

This page is really not about ether as such because there is not much utility in the "belief in ether" if there are no additional applications. But in the first step you want to clear out corrupted ideas or bad equations, even if these come from NASA or Wikipedia, for otherwise you will not be able to advance. [I know, Einstein is a casualty here but it's only the silly Americans with this baggage.] Once you get comfortable with ether, you will be able to deal with ZPE and vortex energy without hindrance. So, there may be quite a bit more to ether denial -- somebody wants to keep you bounded, earth-bound, and dependent.

The earliest reference to light's inability to impart momentum at reflection and, therefore, Light Cannot Push Mirror, is in the September 1999 essay-editorial. There is much to light worth exploring and this site also has several articles about light. You may be interested in a working definition of a photon.

If photons put pressure on a mirror, would it not be possible to make a perpetual motion machine with it? Silly scientists can deliver an equation showing some force at the bounce. But if there is a second mirror that sends the light's photons back to the first (in a ping pong fashion), the scientist would then have to explain how he managed to invent the perpetual motion machine. You guessed it, the scientists are group-thinking at ~Wicki~ and do not dare to say the photons would do the same thing after the second and third and any subsequent bounce. Why, it could sink the whole boat of trash.

    There are people who spent time and money and possibly a career on radiation/photonic pressure (NASA is loaded with them). They are greatly miswired reductionists and you can have some fun with them because they will likely say that a photon is eventually absorbed and so the perpetual motion notion disappears along with that. Well, trying to switch the context will not even help. After the first bounce the photon is moving at the same speed and with the same wavelength as before and so even after the first bounce we would have excess energy because, while the energy of a photon remains unchanged, the mirror is now supposed to be moving.

If you want to affect a light's path directly, you will need to affect ether directly. No need to chase after UFOs to see some warping. Run a beam of light through an area with the active Tesla coil along with some geometric structures -- and you will likely diffract light. If your teachers cannot help you, don't pay them.

You certainly can spend your money on a religion of your choice. When the corruption builds up it is time to detach from the mainstream science herd, for there is more at stake than your money.

If you need a more gradual approach, click on to stump your teacher. Pick Stumper One about light's unchanging wavelength at reflection. Because light has no mass, light's unchanging wavelength also helps with answering questions about light's inertia. Also, the absence of light's real momentum is put to use in the explanation of the light mill's rotation -- Stumper Three. This stumper also explains why photons of light do create force but only at absorption. Should you think light mill's rotation cannot be reversed, it can! (Without magic, too.) After that, you will see that the present 'light makes pressure' presumption cannot hold from yet another angle.

 Book by Mike Ivsin
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Quantum Pythagoreans has the most comprehensive treatment of light of any publication. Backed up by interferometry and the dual slit experiment, the concurrent multi-path property of light is greatly expanded and conditions for tractability explained. There is the sophistication of the photon branching under specific dimensional constructs, and there is the simple and straightforward explanation of the light mill's movement -- and its movement reversal. Quantum Pythagoreans opens the gateway on the construction of the atom as well as on the reversal of the light mill's rotation in your kitchen freezer.

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