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Quantum Pythagoreans
Of Stars and Numbers, Gs and Waves

     .. book by Mike Ivsin

"You can take it with you"

In the midst of the Dark Ages, new planetary discoveries revived the original Pythagorean notion that planets move in musical harmony. New arts, sciences and personal freedoms of the Renaissance drew much inspiration from the harmony of the heavenly spheres ..

Now is the time to apply the Pythagorean tradition on the macro and micro scales, see what it takes to create and organize matter, and even apply organizing principles to you ..

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If you prefer to order Quantum Pythagoreans directly through your favorite bookstore, use the title or the ISBN number 1-84728-848-0. (Some databases use the new ISBN-13 number, which is 978-1-84728-848-6.) Quantum Pythagoreans can be found and ordered via the database inside the Barnes & Noble bookstores.

Pairs of planets in their orbits make geometric stars. The book shows how the stars are created, which also reveals the harmony among planets through their particular geometric stars. Venus' pentacle is made with Earth and is the best known while other planets make stars of their own. Technically, any star can be constructed on paper but only some stars are harmonious and can be actualized. The pentagram and the octagon can be actualized but the eight pointed octagram is disharmonious and will not happen -- and you will know why.

Quantum Pythagoreans provides both the formula and explanation for harmonious stars and orbits that come with them -- both the actual and theoretical. Because orbits have periods, you will also find out how the musical notes and chords are geometrically portrayed through stars and why some musical notes -- and the corresponding stars -- are not harmonious. For the first time you will be able to predict which pairs of musical notes and the corresponding stars are harmonious. This is also a fundamental topic for understanding the resonance in metals and water, and consequent realization of etheric energies.


120 years ago Johann Balmer discovered a math relation that matched four jumps of particular wavelengths of light coming from the hydrogen atom. It is a Pythagorean relation with a constant that contains both the Planck and Pi constants. The integer sequence that feeds Balmer's formula corresponds to the principal atomic orbitals..

In addition to the most unexpected revelation that whole numbers could and would govern the workings of the atom, Balmer's use of integers and the Pythagorean relationship brought forth the idea of the quantum.

Quantum Pythagoreans expands quantum mechanics by explaining light's and electron's behavior during transformation between the point symmetry of the atom's orbital and the straight line path of the external environment. From the creation of free radicals on to gas pressure, light branching and photon 3D sculpting, the book has the most comprehensive treatment of light of any publication. You will also know what the ether is made of, what the electrons' role is, and why ether is and can be energized. You will enter the virtual domain of waves to see what the photons and energized free electrons can do, how they differ, and why the virtual domain allows instant and infinite addition of energy waves.

Energies can become organized subject to certain geometric constructs and your body as well as your brain has such constructs -- and you will know what it takes.

You will understand how matter organizes on the atomic and cosmic scales. You will like the interchange of the real and the virtual energies that lead to your own organization.


Book's sections highlight the original Pythagorean discoveries and apply them to quantum mechanics, gravitation, and self-organization. The book is written for the general reader but you will not find reducing terms or gadgets the likes of rubber sheets that would leave you a general reader.

    Momentum is about motion and the knowledge that creates it. Two bodies and energy are the first conditions for the creation of movement. Straight and spinning movement introduces symmetries. How light creates pressure at absorption. Reversible transformations happen between a moving particle and a wave -- primed and ready for the quantum mechanical environment, which is not restricted to the atomic scale
    Star Numbers and Operators -- rational numbers and their application. Multi pointed geometric stars arise from planetary orbits -- which orbits can and cannot happen depends on harmony. What makes harmony and why is harmony absolute. What numbers make harmonious ratios and why. Numbers and their (dis)harmonious ratios make particular geometric stars, too
    The Virtual Domain introduces virtual energy, light, virtual electron, and the "absence" of the parameter of distance. Actually, distance becomes the dependent variable. What is the dependent and independent state of a variable and how to transform it. Why does the virtual domain exist, why we need it, and how to apply it. The first application is the mechanics of the atomic core. Next is the establishment of new mechanics of gas pressure and this is applied to light mill's rotation and rotation reversal. The virtual domain is about relationships. But of course, the relevance of a relationship can be measured even though the infinities are in play -- and the pyramid is just the construct for that.
    Gravitation. Applies the quantum mechanical wavefunction with periodic and possibly controllable reduction on atomic and cosmic scales. With three variables, all observable cosmic topologies issue from the Tetractys -- possibly the centerpiece of the book
    The House of Patter and Octavia. Entering a strange house, leaving a not so strange house. Kids may enjoy this section, too, with drawings
    Move the Galaxy. Applying self-organizing methods

There are eighty eight illustrations throughout the book.

All topics in Quantum Pythagoreans will engage you. As you enjoy new concepts and their connections you will be open to apply your knowledge in many ways and relate it on many levels.


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If you are a scientist you will find Quantum Pythagoreans explaining Nature systemically. You will find out why black holes do not happen and why light does not exert pressure at reflection. You may want to catch your breath between such topics as the absolute space, inertia as the agent of the conservation of energy, gravitational force based on the periodically reducing wavefunction, atomic construction in the pyramid, and the transformation of matter between the virtual and the real domains. Euclid got tweaked on the irrationals, too, and that enlarged the energy gateway.

If you are intrigued and flustered by all the alien UFO stuff, you just might have a completely new and relaxed understanding of the universe after reading the book -- even thought there is not a single reference to the alien or the UFO technologies in the book.

You will know how matter organizes on micro and macro scales and, because each person is unique, you will also find your own concepts for inclusion and what it means to apply exclusion. You will be thrilled at the unbounded degree of organization and self-organization you and the universe is able to achieve. Knowing the truth is about your health and your growth.




The illustration below shows the early analysis of the Great Pyramid. In its final form the illustration is in the Appendix of Quantum Pythagoreans.
Numbers a and b are the golden numbers where a/b is the golden ratio. You might have noticed that in the illustration the golden numbers a and b are not reduced into just one number.

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