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 These five-point star inspirations are applied to TShirts, hoodies, and long sleeve shirts to make you look good. Do visit our store at Zazzle and put these designs on a shirt of your choice. (Shipped from the US.)


  5 point star - Big Easy  10 point star Hyperstar -- The Great Pumpkin  two 5 point stars - Fame  5 pointed star in Black Sun Adventure design  5 point star - Spirit Persuading  Four 5-point stars - Seasons  Five point star in Ocean Of Night design or Abyss design (with a different background)    Five pointed star in Opening The HyperTunnel design  cafe/restaurant logo design

Images of our designs are at high resolution in the Zazzle database, which means you can enlarge them to cover a good part of the shirt without losing details. You can also make them smaller and move them about. (Images here are low res. They load quickly but some patterns get coarse.)

   5 point star - the Atom aka All My Children  5 point star - Found You or Nice To Meet You  5 point star 'Sending an Eye'  five point star in Candy Planet design  5 point star - Finger At The Moon  5 point star - Orange Energy or Straw Man  five pointed star in The Cosmic Barque of Ra design  5 point star - Da Machine (older)  5 point star - Green Pentacle (compact) design  Multiple 5 point stars - Central Powers & Axis Engagement design  5 point star - Fort Alpha  Myltiple 5 point stars - Moon Month design  5 point star - Three Bows (Tai Chi for Kids)  Two five pointed stars in Red-White-Blue And The Yellow Emperor design  Two 5 point stars - Jet Streaming  5 point star - Spirit Rising  Two 5 point stars - Reaching Out  5 point star - Third Eye  5 point star - Drawing Down design  5 point star - Differentiating  5 point star - Morning Sun Adventure design  5 point star - Evening Sun Adventure design  5 point star - Red Sun Adventure design  5 point star - Moving to 3D  5 point star - Fire into Water design  5 pointed star in Moon Air design  5-point star in The Abyss II design  Great Pyramid in Golden Eye Blue design  5-point star in Storm Rider design

But of course let us know which ones you like. I named them all but you could have other ideas. For example, I named this one  5 point star in Thunderbolt 2 design the 'Thunderbolt.'

  5 point star - Health of Tai Chi  5 point star - Thunderbolt 2  5 point star - Venus and Earth Joined  5 point star - The Big Alpha design  5 point star - Have a Big Idea  5 point star - Adventure  5 pointed star in Adventure design  Multiple 5 pointed stars in My Children design  5 pointed star and pyramid in Salt Of The Earth design  5 pointed star in Jumping design  5-pointed star in Red Sun Adventure design or Mars Again design


 Multiple 5 point stars - Spirit Guiding  Multiple five pointed stars in Power and Smarts design Multiple 5 point stars - Venus and Earth  5 point star - Golden Eye

Our store:

Our store at Zazzle (.com/Mike_Geo) has the designs and shirts in combinations you will like (you can combine and size several designs on one shirt).

Art Show: It is not just about t-shirts

I am in presently (teaching) in Prague. About twice the size of Boston, Prague has a long lasting cafe culture. You could sit here in a shop with a single cup for hours -- and everybody understands. But of course I'd recommend a great desert to go with the conversation. Cafes love to display art, mostly on photographic medium, but a large-print color format is becoming affordable for PC graphics design and that is my focus in this show. So here is the main poster for it. Oh, Únor is February in Czech. In the photo the art is up. The largest is A1 but I can do A0 (twice the size of A1).

Contact Mike if you want a free copy of this design

Here is a design with five pointed stars and a pyramid you just might like as a desktop or in your slide show or on your wall.. .. .

I think you will agree this design inspires you and calms you at the same time. It is about the past and the future. It is titled 'Hyperflight' and it is about the interstellar travel. Email Mike if you want a free high-res (3.5MB) tiff or other file of this design (helps if you put Hyperflight in the subject line).

 Five pointed stars and the Great Pyramid in the Hyperflight design -- free

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These star designs issue from the golden proportion and more specifically from the hyperstar.

The hyperstar is created on the golden proportion page and compared to other stars on the pentagon page.

 Book by Mike Ivsin

 To Publisher...

In Quantum Pythagoreans the separation is followed by joining. The separation enables all individual elements to showcase their strengths while the joining creates new systems that continue to improve you and your universe.

The power of the Pythagorean foundation allows you to take off in many productive dimensions. Some applications are presented in considerable detail while others are ideas waiting to happen.

Because geometry is the foundation of organization and self-organization, the visual and symbolic representation is crucial to your understanding. There are close to ninety illustrations in the book that form the backbone to your adventure of growth, health, and creation.

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