"Those who can, do.
Those who cannot, muggle."

Free energy: wiggle or vortex

    Energy without momentum

    Etheric or ether energy. Yes, ether is and can be energized

    How to go about it -- and why you have to sweat it yourself in more ways than one

    A lot of credit goes to Tesla

Free energy is free by definition and there are no costs associated with it. At most the guy needs to get off the couch and put the TV plug into the socket with the 'Free' label right next to it. The startup costs, then, are minimal. So where is it?

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 Free energy is talked about all over the Internet — just as free samples are gratis all over TV. If everything were free and in abundance then it must be the greed of some awfully smart fiends holding free energy back from us. If there are energy conspiracies to overcome then lets give free energy some good names like zero-point energy! Zee Pee Eee? How about ether-mining? Magni-cap coupling? Water fortex sounds hip Schauberger.

 If you construct a river dam the energy becomes free. If you harness the bay and convert ocean tides to energy then this energy is free, too. If you reach around your electricity meter — is there gold in them copper wires?

 'Zero-point energy' (ZPE) label is derived from geometry. A point of a needle touching a crystal demonstrated to couple "excess" or over-unity energy (Moray). Subsequent explanations appear to muggle the waters. This supporting article talks about the geometry of a point and the unique computability considerations of a zero-dimensional point. In ZPE the frequency is the key while geometry is a necessary component in some configurations. Of course, a crystal is geometry.

In this topic the uniqueness of point geometry is discussed in a way that covers both electrons and Euclid

The book you will thoroughly enjoy

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Victor ("Cool") Schauberger is a very unique person. The energy he was able to release through vortex geometry also manifested as force that readily overcame the gravitational force (all forces have linearity a consequent superposition property). This page is, however, about free energy while gravitation has its own path on this site.

It should be noted that both the free energy and gravitation work of Schauberger were done in part with slave labor in the concentration camp. This unfortunate precedent needs to be worked out in the open, for it imparted a setback on free energy as the resource for free people.


 Schauberger's approach is different. Labeled 'implosion,' Schauberger energy extraction relies on a particular path of a motion of a physical substance such as water or air. Schauberger's model includes energy storage within matter that can be renewably extracted, particularly from and through water. Incommensurable numbers (irrationals and transcendentals) get to say what they have to say. This includes the most ubiquitous of all transcendentals, the Pi. Pi shares the property of the infinite mantissa with irrationals but its construction is different -- hence Pi belongs to a family of its own and is then a transcendental number. There is more to Pi than you learned anywhere, and here is more to the golden proportion, too. Golden proportion is about two numbers -- one irrational and the other rational -- and the interplay between the two makes things interesting.

Quantum mechanics needs the virtual aspect of nonlocality. If you are not comfortable about things spreading and disappearing, you may want to take a look at the QM Primer.

 The conservation of energy is the law of nature that is simple and works for everybody. Energy can be transformed in full from one form to another and energy is, therefore, indestructible. Some forms of organized energy become manifest as real things and some do not. The sheer magnitude of energy available inside real matter testifies to the intelligence and effort that put matter together, but it may not be free for the taking. For our part, if an alien ship parks over some power lines and tops off without paying five and a half cents per kWh then our police should deal with that, technically speaking.

 It's great to visit some of the free energy sites. They are reporting anomaly after anomaly because these guys just don't have the model they can use to communicate. There is pure gold on some of these sites and this country has plenty of talent.


 Irrational numbers have not been neglected. Instead, irrationals are the most difficult to understand. Those who claim that Pythagoreans fear irrational numbers have but wishfull hopes of that because they themselves do not understand them. The benefits of irrationals go well, well beyond their definition. Irrationals are protected, guarded, and at times corrupted -- all for the purpose of keeping the applications and purposes of irrationals concealed. Irrationals have been concealed by Pythagoreans and this will continue to hold because irrationals are so difficult they will remain in hiding even if laying open on the table. Proclus appears to be the first and the only person who spoke correctly of irrationals, even including the inherent danger of irrationals. So, adopt a relaxed attitude and open up to irrationals through this topic. [Irrationals are about infinities and infinities are about gods. You could be in good company, but ..]

 Pursuit of free energy is about understanding the atomic structure and how the ether fits in. Electrons are happily making their jumps, and ever since Balmer there are equations that describe this behavior. The tractable structure of the atom is centered on transformations between curving (orbital) and straight (photonic) geometries. Yes, this is about the squaring of a circle, isn't it. If you think electrons are closer to chemical bonding, and thus peripheral to ZPE, it is because you think the core is but a static cluster.

You work the numbers through operators expecting to get to something finite (bounded) and get there in finite time. Then you want something stable in a sense that this thing can adapt to stay that way and may even improve. There are two aspects to infinity and it can get complex. Start with how unbounded and infinite differ. Alchemy works with the separation and the interactions of the real and the virtual aspects around us to get at some real creations.

 People going for patents based on free energy could trip up on one simple thing. They claim free, excess, or over-unity energy and they will be always turned down. Over-unity energy can be had but such claim is analogous to the framework of the dam builder, who could claim his power plant is over-unity because the rain just comes down for free and drives his turbines. Energy can be derived from crystals and from within water, and if you don't skip on how the energy gets in there in the first place you will know you did not get the energy for free. By figuring out the surrounding knowledge you will understand where the energy is coming from and then the energy will possibly become free or nearly so.

 Some people simply cannot visualize that the virtual energy is renewable and useable. Such people need to hold on to something physical the likes of a lump of coal before they could make the energy connection. Matter is put together exceptionally well and it is okay to crunch it to figure out how it works, but matter cannot be destroyed on the conveyer belt just to make some heat out of it — if you don't understand the down side. If you think the organization in the universe is continuously decreasing and you think it's okay to join in, then your ignorance is showing and you may as well reach the conclusion you are a prisoner on the material plane tossed here by the angry God who got tired of your excesses and arrogance.

 It is not possible to determine Dedekind's purpose in his pursuit of equating irrationals with real numbers, but he will remain a great example in muggling them. Some may wish his proof be accepted but those who do will be saddled with intractability. Tractability is the basic component of a solution and, just as you would not accept "eventually" as a solution, it is clear and without much argument that a Pythagorean would not accept a mathematical proof that is based on an intractable procedure. If anybody accepts or refers to Dedekind's proof as the equality of irrational and rational numbers, the same person is also saying that traveling forever is the same as getting there. Tractability is very close in meaning to reality while intractable methods scientists use guarantee that the reality will never happen. If you are into logic, you can make it stick with the argument: Since the (Dedekind's) proof of equivalence of rational and irrational numbers is based on an intractable procedure that happens at infinity (that is, never), does this in itself prove that rationals and irrrationals are not the same? [In case you did not notice, Dedekind is our favorite dumb math guy.] Irrationals are in a class of their own and bring their own and different benefits to the table. By working with irrationals directly -- that is, geometrically -- the infinity that is inherent in irrationals can in fact bring about tractability.

 Saying that ZPE was (and is ) muggled does not mean that wanton corruption of truth is taking place. We are, however, witnessing a push for one-upmanship that is narrow in its objective and that continues to grow the resentment. Muggling, then, includes: only-tangibles-have-energy (barrel of oil, we need uranium), red herrings (new highly efficient use of coal, hydrogen in the pipeline just like gas), debunking (nobody proved it), placing credentials ahead of merits (bring the invention to me-the-scientist and I'll decide if it's for real), pure power plays (convict him on fraud charges, have him leave the country), vernacular domination and name calling (pyramidiots), "sophisticated" humor (what was he smoking?), and the arm chair science (I am a skeptic, so dispel any and all of my doubts until I am satisfied, if ever). Another broad category of muggling is the reductionism, which takes out relevant variables by claiming they are not important or that they do not exist. The best example is the taking out of the ether early last century, which had a detrimental effect on the understanding of energy, but fortunately only the scientists took in this reduction. Should you be interested in an essay on ether it is presented here along with light. Another example of vernacular muggling is the renaming of 'incomposite' numbers of the Pythagorean origin into 'prime' numbers of today. The renaming reduced the meaning, and therefore the apparent application, of these numbers.

 Even as ether starts to get worked in the free energy context, there will always arise corrupting influences. A good example is Reich who tried to coin the label 'orgone' for ether -- thinking we needed another name. In his findings Reich spoke of a dead orgone, in line with his research on decaying organic matter. His other pursuit was 'cloud busting,' which also made the orgone dead. While it is likely that the 'cloud-busting cannon' does influence the clouds, his instructions to "change the gun operators when their faces turn blue or purple" is straight out of present day goth marketing. Ether cannot be or become dead. Ether is always ready to accept or give up its energy in a transformation context.

 Reich's books were officially burned. If you know just a bit about metaphysics you would not want to burn books -- abhorrent books in particular.

 Animation of dead entities is linked to goth and MIBs. This is alien technology designed to intimidate and terrorize -- yeah, coming to you from the (Spielberg's cute) little grays playing god.

 Alien workings are with us a long time. A nice three hundred year old example is the tale of Luran Black from The Tales of the Scottish Highlands compiled by Gerald Warner. Both the cattle mutilations and crop circles center the storytale. Luran Black's supernatural death at sea is reminiscent of Proclus' statement " .. and those who touched this image of life perished in shipwrecks .. .. for the unutterable and the formless must needs be concealed."

 You can extend alien workings to the 'vengeful god' concept and whether there is an ongoing pressure to do alien bidding. Alien technology is well advanced but once the ether modulation is understood it may not be difficult to counter it.

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A book that ties it all together through facts, logic, geometry, and movement.

The book is also about ether. There is no need to get philosophical about ether, particularly once you understand what ether is, how it can be energized, how it carries energy -- and how the geometries allow you to steer or convert the energy. There is such thing as intelligent energy.

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I like the Steorn company. Yet their statement that their invention violates the conservation of energy does not help their goals. Making such a statement is not needed and so get rid of it. You don't have to explain or comment on the basis of any of your claims. Steorn principals are smart guys and they just might figure it out.

In our DSSP topic we make a case about a magnetic motor having "over-unity" and without violating the conservation of energy.

(As of Dec '09 the 'violation of energy conservation' statement is no longer at the company's site.)

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 Here is a good spot to consider some of the political and historical dimensions. You may want to take into considerations that a certain US inventor -- Edwin Gray -- took his free energy inventions all the way to the public investment meetings in consideration of raising capital. He was accused of fraud by the California's DA even though no single investor demanded his (or her) money back and the patent coverage was obtained. This then raises issues beyond his legal representation. Every attorney should be able to manage something as simple as the Prospectus and the problem here appears to be bigger than just the competency of his legal advisors. (Disclosure of risks invalidates fraud.) You may want to advertise and demonstrate but your dated prototypes in case you will need to regroup -- perhaps in another country (Australia?). If you prefer to stay put then think Renaissance, for this movement succeeded against tremendous odds. Religious organizations can also be disruptive, for "If God wanted men to have cheap transportation He surely would not kick them out of the (P)paradise." Just as Communists speak and act in the name of the people without being elected, religious zealots love to speak and act in the name of God.

 Presently, some bona fide scientists -- in my case young PhDs and PhD candidates -- wrote some silly emails ('dubious' is their favorite mildest word) and I sense their unease spending a lot of money on science without a clue on free energy. These guys just wish they could press a button and have the world conform to, really, a piece of paper? (Even a "lowly lawyer" has to make a convincing argument and does not just pull out his diploma to make his case.)

 Edwin Gray has received several patents that are now expired (are in the public domain). Ditto for Tesla, Schauberger, Stan Meyer, ..

 Development of new and radical technologies is about the integration of technology. Tesla and Edison, both techies, are good examples of that. Tesla won the first, the generation round driven by technology, while Edison won the distribution round driven by politics. Development of new technologies is not about NASA because these guys get their money for projects without the slightest concern for the return on investment. [Okay, NASA has a pen that works in weightlessness and if they get the cost down it could compete with a pencil.] Military, if you could believe it, has a better ROI, mostly because of the Internet and the emerging GPS.

 Today, super high efficiency generators may find a niche in tidal bays where low head pressure excludes just about all other technologies. Right now the virtual, or ether, formulation of energy is not well understood and is poorly recognized but patent issuance depends on claims. You can and sometimes you want to overtly protect forms and geometries through patent claims while staying away from "free" or "ether." Because ether's got a bad rap it is tough to use magic as one of your claims. With so many disconnects and holes in the understanding of ether it becomes difficult to enforce magic anyway. Shapes and forms and geometries are patentable and in fact are routine in airplane wing design patents. If you want to go for a patent (have financing not just for the patent but for the project), pay attention to geometries and make sure you are specific-general enough to capture the operating range without giving away much for a bypass. Some strategies exclude the disclosure of few key elements and thus obtaining patent coverage protection without allowing outright (if illegal) duplication.

 You do not want to take your manufacturing to China or Israel, for their low price bids reflect selling your designs to third parties.


 So, a simple cleanup will clear the clutter from the playing field:

 1) ZPE is not about zero degree temperature (absolute zero). The conservation of energy holds at any temperature, period. This is trivia and that is why it is not germane to ZPE. Talking about zero degrees is about one scientist trying to educate another scientist. They need to convince each other that "something" continues to move because they cannot visualize energy without something moving -- that is, they cannot visualize energy without momentum. It appears academia comes up with these kinds of aids because they really do not know much about energy. If you say 'virtual energy,' it goes straight over and through their heads -- figuratively and literally, respectively and respectfully. Things are so bad even light is thought to have real momentum as it bounces, and the scientists are the last ones you want to talk to.

 2) ZPE is not about two-dimensional and closely spaced sheets penetrated by vortexes or some such similar mechanism. This is but classical academia backfilling one theory with another. It is, actually, similar to throwing out ether and replacing it with fields except now it is the field that is getting thrown out. New name buys time but if you do not have it on the ball, and academia sure does not, new names look as if some leadership is going on but nothing will come of it. For those of you who are attached to the word 'field,' some scientists now use the phrase 'zero-point field' in their zero-temperature context. Yikes! Regarding ZPE (and gravitation, for that matter), nothing came out of 'fields' for 100 years, and nothing came out of Aristotle's "prime mover" for 1000 years (which is another name for a 'field' if you interpret scientifically). If this paragraph is slowing you down, you may want to shore up your foundation about fields.

 Vortex sounds impressive but it is a virtual, or data collection, operation and not a high, industrial-strength energy operation. If vortex is to be applied in the high energy context, it must be understood computationally. Note that Schauberger had to create vortex to get his implosion engines going but academia, in their divine stupidity, now thinks there are vortexes everywhere ready for picking. A vortex may be a remnant of "measure-all" Kelvin, who over hundred years ago talked about vortices for his model of the atom, which lost out to Planck's experiment-backed quantum mechanics. Overall, present day scientists are afraid to pursue atomic computability and prefer populist models that are derivatives of some "prime mover" or a "field," which they hope will fill the sail going but their way.

 The logical gateway for matter's existence is through mathematical tractability. Because matter's components behave tractably -- which includes reversible transformations of its components -- matter acquired a systemic (ongoing, repeatable, predictable) existence. If you think the vortex is a component of atom's systemic existence then it must mathematically contribute to the atom's stability [and my guess is that it does not].

 Schauberger is difficult to understand because his language was not reviewed by the marketing department. One time he observed a trout doing interesting things in cold water and, after he somewhat figured out what was going on, he designed what he called the trout engine. The end result is that you now have another level of translation to go through. Then again, the marketing guy would call the sales guy and together they would call it the fish-a-majic, which it well may be. Schauberger's observation of an eagle fishing is extraordinary and his applications awesome.

 Our web site deals with computability (and more specific search for tractability) and this includes the organization of the virtual energy. It is most difficult to foresee the acceptance, understanding, and conversion of the virtual energy. Just as it was not possible to predict the fall of the Berlin Wall, it is not possible to forecast the time when relativity theories become burden no longer tolerated. The idea is that ideas move us forward while other ideas hold us back. But waiting or bringing about a catastrophe to get to a change is but one way of going about it. In a way you would not want to use ether energy just to heat your home because traveling to various planets is a distinct possibility. There are, then, different levels of organization or intelligence associated with energy. If you hear people defining ZPE as being 'isotropic' or 'homogenious,' then these are scientists talking who are as usual desperate for simplifying and simplistic explanations. But you can also feel that putting a new label on things will not do -- in the past or today. The extraction of ZPE has its root in transformations and energy cannot be transformed from something homogenious or isotropic. At times you may think that scientists are putting out red herrings in an attempt to protect the real thing. Not to worry. Scientists are using but their left brain and they are as transparent and as thick as glass.

 The intelligence of the virtual (or ether) energy is in its ability to exist in unbounded octaves, infinitely sculpted spatial frequencies, and infinite frequency profiles. Another way of seeing the virtual energy is that it is a multi-variable conglomerate. ZPE is a component of the virtual energy that is specific to the atomic geometry. The ability to connect to -- and transform -- virtual energy into real energy through the atom's zero-dimensional (odd) and axial (even) symmetries. In a simple example, scientists understand electrical energy as a potential (or "pressure", voltage) of electrons. But another form of the electron's energy is in the electron's ability to have vibrations. The mental challenge is to appreciate that these vibrations are not physical. Scientists have been earth-bound for so long it is likely they will never figure out ZPE. They may even fight others because their inability to understand it is just too much to face.


 That should do it as far as theories go. The next step is more radical. Close down all national plasma labs. What these institutions have done is that they created a paid constituency for the promotion of nonsense and in fact use good money to make lives of many a scientist and inventor miserable. These institutions institutionalized the idea that only big spending and big effort can produce the next generation of energy resources. Very close to a communist model, with the former Soviet Union licking its chops the idea should occur to us that we might be next. None of these labs created anything and students who trained in them now have a skewed perception of reality as well (that includes the plasma lab here at MIT). Because the idea of the virtual energy generates a combative reaction in the "I cannot do it but my way" crowd, then off with their heads is the way to go.

 All scientists should go to the stand down mode, do the experiment to see if the beam of laser light can put pressure on a mirror -- and then they can open their mouth. If they can find the words, that is.

 Plasma research is a good example of left-brain thinking. Early ZPE experiments indicated that plasma was a good thing -- a promoter, so to speak. So now the same logic that came up with the big bang also came up with the idea that if little plasma helps, a lot of plasma will help a lot. All this in spite of early indications that the plasma thing was highly nonlinear and that a little plasma goes a long way. In one free energy case (Brown), excess plasma raised so many problems the approach was abandoned. In another case, plasma-generating radioactive material was in time replaced with non-radioactive coil promoter. But the universities could not help but hijack some guy's garage work, write a few papers promising this and that about plasma, and off they went. By now the universities should know what a dead horse looks like. Yet after all this my guess is that they still do not know the role of plasma in ZPE. Yet after all this they will never know the role of plasma because of their institutional mindset.

 Not all is gloom. We should take credit for shutting down high energy super this or that collider at George Bush Sr. time. Perhaps we can learn from the Australians. They never had an atom-smashing program and their ZPE work with new energy devices is showing promise. Perhaps the Aussies never had the excess baggage to get rid of. 

 So, concentrate on small businesses. These guys fought valiantly against the model of big government. But that is only a part. Presently, small business as always needs to partner with big(er) business. This may work fine in general but we are talking about innovation and growth, which national labs could not deliver for 100 years. Big business cannot figure it out because they are looking to national labs for leadership. The present trend, then, ought to be decentralization with a potential empowerment of the individual; that is the cool fusion of the conflict resolution and advancement.

 All projects based on the presumption that light puts pressure on a mirror are fraudulent because it is not possible to pretend otherwise — since the mid-1960's the in-your-face test is available. The failure to acknowledge the absence of pressure that laser is supposed to put on a mirror could be pathetic or pathological or anywhere in between. In any case, solar sailing and its derivative projects the likes of gravity waves have guaranteed negative return on investment. The hope, then, is that God is more into universal love than into management.

 If the Iraq and Iran conflict is not about oil, let's understand it that way: The ether energy initiative has commenced. It is time to tell the terrorists their slavery model is out -- and they with it. ZPE and Schauberger's energy vortex are smoldering for close to hundred years now but once the conditions (read leadership) are okay, the Renaissance 2 will play.

 The oilmen in charge cannot and will not support free energy, global warming notwithstanding. They will spend ten times the money to suppress free energy than it takes to develop it. They will add insult to the injury by using your money to do it. In the 2006 State of the Union address, "Republican" Bush anointed Hillary Clinton as the next chief. With controlled sharing of the US presidency, the free energy initiative will need to rework its approach. A bully in the White House does not help free energy. The mind of a bully is incapable of believing that the atomic power, for example, could be remotely controlled. [Glad to see Hillary out of running for the nomination. Is she running something else? July 4, 2008]

 Outside of the free energy movement, recent attempts at reinvigorating US Freemasonry may be able to stop the string of imperial presidencies. Does anybody really think you can "win the war," any war, with imperial presidents? There is a balance between the leverage (existing interests) and informal (public) support -- and it ought to be in the golden proportion.

 There is an esoteric dimension to larger issues such as the global warming. Our human workings right now are on the side of heat via petroleum fuels and nuke fission. "The universe" is accommodating this work by a rising temperature -- for that is what we "want." If we include colder etheric work our planet will get cooler again.

  Renaissance happened despite the in-place and active Inquisition (the original secret police with the power almost that of the SS), the ongoing propaganda machine from the pulpit (the original mass media) and the external control and the threat of the Muslims (the original bad guys and the 'nyet' guys -- yes, communism is Muslim's proxy). Not coincidentally, the Dark Ages of Europe is the Golden Age in Islam's history. Renaissance is the victory of the spirit, which can never be confined by designs of men.

 Renaissance is well documented in the historical context. No author, however, makes a connection between the coming of the Renaissance and the Tarot deck, likely because so many writers had much urge to connect the successful phenomenon of the Tarot to their own agenda.


**__ Almost all narratives about Pythagoreans come up with a dramatization of the Pythagorean discovery of irrational numbers -- called originally the incommensurable numbers. Subsequently, about 150 years ago, incommensurables were divided into irrationals and transcendentals (but don't think in terms of good-bad until you read the apps-oriented intro to (in)commensurable numbers.) The presumption is that Pythagoreans put so much emphasis on rational numbers that the emergence of irrationals was a shock to them. The second presumption is that this worried them so much it led to a coverup. Culled from sympathetic or unsympathetic sources, somebody invariably gets drowned or symbolically buried for talking too much -- and the motivation for somebody's drowning is no longer in the name of the protection of the intellectual property but, supposedly, fear. Pythagoreans are suddenly afraid of numbers, particularly because irrationals are "not rational." The story now brings in outsiders who exploit the fear and move in on Pythagoreans; mob rules and fires consume. Pythagorean secrecy makes it easier for any scenario to be plausible. Pythagoreans, we are led to believe, turned on their own mother the number. In the end, Pythagoreans are labeled a cult or mystics or sorcerers but most writers summarily forgive them all and give the Pythagoreans credit for this or that.
Well .., Plato was a Pythagorean and the academy he established lasted an unsurpassed 900 years. Fundamentally, moreover, commensurable (rational) numbers allow the construction of irrationals. Irrationals, then, issue from rational numbers through geometry and more specifically through the Pythagorean Theorem. Present day mainstream mathematicians are miffed by this, for they expect arithmetic to be just as powerful as geometry. (If you think irrational numbers are available on today's computer -- they are offered -- but only through a procedure that sooner or later must be halted. By halting the procedure the number cannot become irrational. By not halting the procedure the irrational number will never be delivered.) If you could create a new family of numbers from numbers you think are fundamental, then you certainly would be happy about that. It is not difficult to surmise that Pythagoreans were elated as well as secretive about irrationals. You can make any irrational number in finite number of steps (in finite time) through the Pythagorean Theorem by using commensurable -- that is rational, numbers. (Transcendentals cannot be constructed through the Pythagorean Theorem and need additional, 3D pyramid geometry.) Because geometry is the only framework for the creation of irrationals, it is also not difficult to understand why geometry became the queen of mathematics for good 2,200 years.

Further, the idea that Pythagoreans 'elevated rational numbers above all else' is a good example of reductionist thinking. It is the operation of rationing Pythagoreans espoused as witnessed by the rationing of musical strings and tones these produced. Rationing was subsequently applied to planetary orbits and the 'harmony of the heavenly spheres' concept that was one the the major forces of the Renaissance. Presently, trigonometric functions are nothing but ratios and an angle can be either rational or irrational.

Pentagram was and is a Pythagorean symbol full of golden proportions. The golden ratio is a ratio of one irrational and one rational number, and it is quite likely Pythagoreans worked with all kinds of numbers with excitement and a flair for discovery. (Quantum Pythagoreans book deals with rationing in terms of normalization and subsequent transformation framework of the left-right brain interchange.)

A case can be made that those who disliked Pythagoreans were the ones who feared the Pythagorean discovery of irrationals. Pythagoreans were doing something with numbers the rest of the guys did not understand.

In the search of showing how supposedly upset or afraid Pythagoreans were about irrational numbers, the mainstream mathematician shows his own shortcomings. In fact, the critique of Pythagoreans reveals the character of the author, for the secrecy surrounding Pythagorean discoveries did not call on Pythagoreans to lie to or mislead the outsiders, or whitewash their own Pythagorean School findings. Perhaps the present day mathematician is describing the present state of affairs. For example, some math writers claim that Pythagoreans were afraid of irrationals because they called them the 'unspeakables.' Translating from Greek ALOGON, 'unspeakable' is also translated as 'unutterable,' but the present mathematician does not mention another possibility -- 'nonverbal.' It is easy to see that 'nonverbal' is superior to the other two translations. One cannot speak the irrational number because the number goes on and on and no speaker could ever finish pronouncing any irrational number. Even today the computer will run out of memory and the mathematician out of paper before they could write down a single irrational number. If anything, Pythagoreans were quite descriptive about these numbers and today could call them the 'unwriteables.' If a today's Pythagorean were to describe the irrational number as 'unprintable,' it would not mean that these numbers are not "worth the print," and it certainly would not mean that irrationals are "obscene." With a reductionist mindset, some math writers proclaim that the Pythagorean label of 'unspeakable' meant that Pythagoreans were hiding their anxiety through secrecy. Not being on the inside of the Pythagoreans' secrets, these writers describe the present day mathematicians who are hiding their ignorance by dumbing down and debunking someone else going back twenty five hundred years. None of the math writers today are smart enough to see that Pythagoreans understood and described the irrational numbers the way they really are: infinite.

Pythagoreans pursue the truth in the universe building and universe sustaining context. The Pythagorean way is then also a way to salvation and becoming. This is an all-encompassing topic but fighting among various religions also raises the issue of politics. There is no doubt Pythagoreans were considered a threat from the "fight for the soul" perspective. Many, if not most, religions see their goal as the "capture of the soul" or the "enslavement of the soul." Because the separation of the church and state is but a recent phenomena -- and not wide spread at that -- the misinformation about Pythagoreans' worries or other apparent shortcomings will then have a political component rather than a merit-based component. Cabala proponents also have hard time with the Pythagorean 'numbers first' and 'geometry first' because their god Hu [yes, that's his name] loves to talk and creates with words -- whereas Pythagoreans know words alone would not and could not create a single irrational or transcendental number -- all combinatorial aspects notwithstanding.

In the beginning was and is a number. Numbers spawn geometry and operators, while tractable (stable) computing also gave rise to degrees of independence and their limits. Numbers are abstract entities that became by creating the heaven and the earth, the virtual and the real, the basic duality of the universe.

There might be quite a parallel today to the story of the attack on the Pythagoreans twenty five hundred years ago. Only thirty or so years ago, cold fusion broke to the surface as another channel of free energy. The uproar amounted to nothing more than an outburst of the angry mob of miseducated scientists full of phobias of suddenly being out of their jobs. Non-Pythagoreans are once again distressed about a discovery they do not understand. Fleischmann and Pons were in effect kicked out of the country while the mainstream energy pursuits continued as usual with breakthroughs "just around the corner." Did GM miss the hybrid car technology by virtue of thinking they are in control of the market? Or is it perhaps that GM relied on scientific recommendations from national labs promising technology that was there only in terms of scientists' continued employment? Today the world is a bigger place and free energy efforts may be quietly going on around the globe to be suddenly unveiled on the eager consumer, while the US scientists will be left with memories of their own stupidity. Stupidity, of course, can be laughed off, and you may have noticed GM is quiet about their all-electric car. In their second attempt at leapfrog, GM is talking fuel cell but the institutional scientists' black hole mindset can accept infinite failures. Now, let's see GM LOL over the debt.

If you want to pursue this in more depth, you will need the Book of Thoth, authored by the Egyptian god of wisdom and magic Thoth. It is said the spells within give men power over the gods, above or below. All said, we do not fancy deferring to magic and so we decided to bring Thoth onto the platform of geometry. It is easy enough to do when working the squaring of a circle.

There is one more thing that may easily get by you. Incommensurables (irrationals and transcendentals) are not infinite because they could have infinite mantissa. It is the infinity that makes them incommensurable. You can truncate an irrational number to make it a real number, but so what? If that's all there is to it, why would incommensurables have the infinite mantissa to begin with? If you are a Pythagorean, you know that numbers (can) become, for you know the priority and you know what leads and what follows. For example, one triangle with the golden proportions has the angle of 72 degrees. Many people then get excited about the number 72 having some unique, if not magical, properties. Yet the number 72 issues from the circle having 360 degrees and the number 360 is arbitrary and a circle can have any number of degrees. Partitioning of a circle gets you into the micro domain once you appreciate you are working with point symmetry in general and atomic orbitals (or core spin) in particular and you will be working with transcendentals and irrationals -- in their infinite manifestation.

     Tesla's inventive genius is in electricity generation, particularly in his alternating current (AC) method combined with multi-phasing. In this electricity generation component, Nikola Tesla is well understood and no claims are made regarding free energy. Then there is Tesla and his wireless electricity/energy distribution inventions. This part begins to look more like 'free energy' effort, as we consider the cold currents that penetrate electrical insulators with ease and are reminiscent of several free energy devices. Tesla's end-user lamps also employ unique geometries in the interception of his wireless energy distribution schema (not coincidentally they all have a central metallic point). Pumping energy into ether at one location and retrieving it at another location also did not claim free energy, but it definitely was based on ether and not on the electromagnetic (that is photonic) radiation his pal Marconi applied so successfully to signal, low power transmission. (Scientists cannot admit Tesla worked with ether, so don't bother with the scientists. The October(?) 2005 article "explaining" Tesla energy distribution in the Scientific American is a good example of present day pseudoscience.) Tesla's energy distribution arrangement was man-made and at times it "leaked" with sparks, which did not help its acceptance. (Pulsing and spiking interrupters made it way freakin' broadband that likely had an effect across the entire globe [The Tunguska incident a candidate of inadvertent destruction of an alien ship].) Tesla's methods are well worth improving but what is appropriate for the free energy aspect of this article is the search for energies that are already modulated onto ether. These energies, then, have utility not only as heat and light once converted to the real energy, but also as energies that help with the navigation in the virtual domain.

 You will find much additional information on the Internet regarding free energy. On this site there is a summary of other energy articles.

 I have a soft spot for Schauberger because of his awe of the magical aspect of nature. It is not difficult to think of Schauberger as the real Santa Claus: birds, fish, trees, rivers, lakes -- and all this happening somewhere in the forest. If you've seen Schauberger's picture, he looks like Santa all right. However, Schauberger's genius has to be played against his character and, therefore, his decisions. You must know who benefits from your work and you must include it in your decisions -- even if that means you might cease your work. You can say geniuses are naive but, if so, it is unbecoming of genius.

 Kalashnikov is a good example of a genius who succumbed to the corrupting powers. Being a classical kulak his family did well until it was broken up by Stalin's power moves. Yes, you can argue the "lesser of two evils," but the decision is personal and you cannot serve someone who tried to destroy you and your family. If you do, you'll in effect become a slave.

 On the other side is Raymond Rife. He is one of many who fought to the end and would not give his inventions to the self-serving powers (see below).

 The spirit is on your side. Even if your inventions are stolen you will prevail if it is done against your will.

 There is a tendency to blame the government for "genetic experiments that went wrong" in the case of chupacabras (there are two kinds), cattle mutilations, "alien" abductions, MIBs, and, of course, unavailability of free energy. Whenever you do that you are a follower and you are not thinking critically. There is even one group that demands ufo government disclosure. Actually, you will do much better researching things on your own. A disclosure answers one question but raises many others to which even the govt does not have meaningful answers. The disclosure demands are from a self-serving group(s). They do not have your and general public interests in mind because otherwise they would include taking down the Einstein crap, which continues to be taught in schools. You have the Internet thanks to Ron Reagan. You have small arms that can keep you safe despite the liberals who would not mind putting you in peril.

 Historical Note: The principle of the semiconductor was first observed with "anomalous" electrical behavior of plasma-associated metal salts (not plasma by itself), several decades before the actual solid state semiconductor was produced without plasma in 1947.

 Inertia is a mechanism that enforces the conservation of real energy. By imparting energy onto a real (mass) object, such energy is now transformed into a moving energy that is momentum. The property of inertia is much abused by scientists, likely because they do not understand it and think you do not understand it either. A new definition of inertia is simple and there is indeed a connection to free energy because the process of engaging inertia is about the real-virtual energy transformation.

 Perhaps the most difficult and ingrained image to overcome is that of the mechanical energy. In some peoples' minds something must be physically moving or rotating in order to be the generator or the source of energy. Schauberger transformation method is based on physical movement and it certainly is one way of going about it. But energy can also be obtained through a static systems because the energy transformation could also be -- via geometry and only via geometry -- from the virtual to the electrical or from the virtual to mechanical, and a movement can be elicited directly. In your mind, you may want to accept that something could commence moving by transforming the virtual energy that is already present in ether. Such transformation, then, is completely static and golden proportions as well as squaring the circle are the other angles for getting there.

 Finally, a note for free energy trackers and inventors. Many inventors cannot resist the urge to explain the concepts and the basis of how it works. This seems okay but almost all inventions are intuitive to begin with, so if you are the inventor don't bother explaining -- just say it came to you in a dream (and chances are it did). The Patent Office does not need equations and you may even sell it as a kit for private use. Instead of thinking you are the gift to humanity with fancy wrapping, think of yourself as a lucky guy blessed with a bit of humor. The inventors, as ingenious as they may be, are oftentimes swayed into thinking they have discovered something profoundly fundamental or they get bogged down defending their inventions in front of mainstream science. Don't bother with that. Universities and mainstream science are closely linked and if they admit their equations may be wrong they could not teach it; getting money for false information and knowing so is not only close to fraud -- it is fraud. So, unless you think the mainstream science professors will convict themselves of fraud, don't bother with them.

 A number of free energy inventors try to regrow old science into new. Don't bother with that. At times they try to parlay Einstein through some obscure quote that may not even be his. Albert was working wrong tracks and any reference to him just makes your case that much weaker. Films about free energy with pics of Einstein are suspect. None of Einstein's theories are correct, and he is a product of hype; the very same hype that's keeping the status quo. Those who get it get busy and those who don't get it bitch and insult, or keep things warm and fuzzy.

 At times the inventor introduces a political or social or religious dimension thinking it will help him get some pull. This is indicative of a beginner thinking of free energy in straightforward business fashion. (The religious guys usually ask for money to help the cause.) Espousing 'not dependent on oil,' (read Arabs), 'helping the poor,' 'clean water and air,' or 'our children's future,' will not bring crowds to your side. At the present time the free energy methods are considered somewhere between strategic and existential by every country. (In addition to the military aspect I can well imagine a study arguing free free energy would lead to country's destabilization -- going along the lines of free speech destabilizing regimes.) There could be suppression in the US as well as in Russia and neither side -- not even another political unit such as GreenPeace or Amnesty International -- will pick up the free energy banner.

 Perhaps the best attitude is that of John Griggs who sells his over-unity water heaters/steam generators with a pronouncement similar to: "Well, somebody may one day figure out where I made the [energy calculation] mistake."

 In the summer of 2008 in Boston the Greenpeace people hit the streets in the recruitment drive -- blue T-shirts and all. Yes, they love to talk solar but if you take it easy and talk to such people in simple and friendly way with Google and YouTube references, I think you will see a change in them in just a couple of minutes. And we all saw it as grass roots kind of work.

 Should you think your inventions have unlimited potential, consider there could already be an electricity generating station somewhere in Canada producing energy nearly free while selling it in the US at a nice profit. This is good for new conspiracy theories, too. Market segmentation is the answer to that.

 At some point you will likely hear about controlling free energy because of the dramatic changes coming up. You might hear about the terrorists dropping bombs on us from planes that do not need fuel. These apparently rational arguments should have been hashed out in the 1970s. If so, we would not have had Chernobyl and 9/11 and dirty air. Nations sitting on a pile of oil money would not have been in position to finance their next controlling moves. An array of atomic power plants would not have been built, which of themselves are our most double-edged technologies. Decommissioning of atomic power plants should be high priority and {May 17, 2008} all atomic power plants must not be operational and their rods separated during critical periods of, say, cosmic ray or particle activity (if only as a preventive measure). If the scientists continue on their centralized search we will end up with "fast breeder" or plasma reactors, which will pose even greater hazard in the future. France and the US are most vulnerable right now. A point can be made that by our decision to go with atomic fission we got ourselves cornered.

 What all this means is that free energy is being supressed but at a very high cost. It is anybody's guess when the costs become too high economically, socially, or spiritually. But just when you may think the case for free energy is hopeless there comes Geet and if you get upset about free energy while remaining in control of your emotions, visit www.geetfriends.net.

 Selftest:–) If your reaction so far is "Oh well," or "And so it goes," then you may want to do a bit of research on Royal Raymond Rife. He did get to a cancer cure with almost perfect and miraculous clinical trials but was discredited and his devices pulled under the threat of medical license withdrawal by no other than the American Medical Association. While there are costly and ineffective cancer treatments available today and while there are also costly and dangerous energy alternatives available today, the case of Raymond Rife can be considered a callous denial of help that is more severe than the Geneva Convention of prisoner treatment during a war. What is really revealing about the Rife case is that the so-called reductionists are not just sceptics or proof seekers but power seeking individuals bent on denying you anything that could make you independent of them.

 If you feel you are behind the 8-ball or perhaps on the losing side, you have not explored free energy and the virtual domain. The thing is, the virtual energies cannot be confined by real things and, although it is fashionable to say the virtual domain is about magic, you want to start with simple pursuits the likes of Tai Chi and Reiki. (Reading up on the esoteric side is okay but motion is necessary.) It may turn out the health treatment denied to you by the power dominant (left brain) political structure can well be bypassed and with superior results at that. You will also appreciate the priorities and, for example, you will greet the new health or physics breakthrough announcements from Harvard with a yawn.

 A medical treatment, accessible or not, is a fix -- a quick pill. This is certainly enticing and while you may be willing to pay for it, consider that the time you spend learning about the virtual domain is about the knowledge you can take with you (and for some people this is not even in the esoteric category.)

 So, what if you are not an inventor? There are many free energy kits and instructions available right now. Your priority is to become energy independent -- for you and your family. The universe gets funky at times and energy independence might be more important than money in the bank. The government can handle North Koreans and radical Islamists and possibly the unfriendly aliens, but they cannot protect all of the population under all circumstances. Free energy is no longer being supressed -- with the exception of no-battery 100% solid state implementations -- provided it is for your personal use. However, commercial implementation continues to be blocked and so concentrate on youself and your family. The barriers will come down much like the Berlin Wall -- don't know when but when it does it will be sudden and total. The hope is that the Yankee spirit is alive and well.

 If you push for commercial implementation, get some bodyguards. Be prepared to live with threats designed to turn you against you. Smile and consider the ones who died before you your soulmates. Most of all, if you make it, make it as a free man or a free woman. You will not be successful until your bodyguards are gone and your detractors subdued rather than appeased, and you don't live behind a "privacy" wall.

 Work the numbers as the constructs of creation if you want to get the fundamentals. Work the numbers as the constructs of business and use numbers just for counting. Sell your old models, keep new ones under wraps and go through the cycle.

 Book by Mike Ivsin

Geometric and arithmetic computing have different modalities. In fact, geometric computing is oftentimes tractable for problems that are intractable for arithmetic.

Quantum Pythagoreans treats the real and the virtual domains in depth. The geometric point -- that is, the zero-dimensional point, is the only means where the real and the virtual domains meet and through which they interact.

There are many angles to free energy extraction. Should you pursue the magical angles -- approaches having no ready explanations -- you want to read this book. Your mind will then be able to appreciate the superposition of all energy sources and their intelligence.

Continue ..

 There is a historical precedent regarding one revolutionary technology -- the laser. The inventor's patent filing got bogged down at the patent office -- the usual "we can allow this claim but not that claim.." thing. By the time the patent was granted the laser was well entrenched in the industry and produced in quantity by other people. The inventor then sold the laser rights to a company that was skilled in extracting royalties from all laser producers.

 There is some difference in the free energy field, however. Laser operation is fairly specific and the patent coverage could be enforced. Free energy initiative has many branches and many fundamental approaches and it is then difficult to cover all of them with but a few patents. This is then likely the reason the inventors are intimidated, threatened, cheated, and at times killed. Market segmentation is needed right from the start. Work the niche markets and the hybrid markets only -- such as the farm machinery. Ignore the big guys. [Okay, make an offer (offer is not a disclosure) to one big guy, the government, but don't get huffy if they turn you down.] There must be and will be leakage to the public domain to see which approaches take hold before these can be leveraged -- even if the royalties would never be collected from the leakage.

 Yet another patent dimension concerns the US government. Patents under military procurement could be, and oftentimes are, classified. Your claim's conflict with a classified claim is resolved by disqualifying yours and without much discussion. Your patent could then also become classified and commercially not viable. This can get complex because a patent expiration date is not the same thing as declassifying. An even darker side concerns the sudden emergence of a new company commercially deploying technologies from quietly declassified files.

John Keely was Tesla contemporary and his work is a good example of free energy diversity. John was to have his inventions patented but always thought of something new, different, and better. It is likely he wanted to get to a patent but he never got to the "final" design, and for some reason he or the Keely Motors directors did not think of leasing his inventions as power generating -- at the time mechanical -- engines. His engines are complex and it is very likely an attempt at duplication would result in frustration.

Keely kick started his engines with tuning forks and then steered the energy through geometry. Presently, electromagnetic frequencies took up the starting task but the steering and "training" or "programming" aspects remain an art. (Because ether can exist in circular, or spinning, geometry, the Quantum Pythagoreans book gets into harmony and disharmony under point symmetry.)

 The automakers (except GM) will likely make moves to make it easier for you to use aftermarket kits for Brown's gas aka hydroxy. I suspect they will provide some space near the intake and a fused circuit that turns on when the car is running. The oxygen sensors will also need to acquire different modalities: cleaner-burning car does not need more fuel but that is what the present sensor commands. With hydroxy and the present sensor the engine power goes up but the fuel savings are not as dramatic. If the vehicle inspectors give you hard time -- and they shouldn't -- ask to have the emissions checked before you take the kit out (temporarily) and the car rechecked. We've got a three-part segment on Brown's gas in the July-September '08 DSSP topics.

 Some market segments will need to adopt the 'trade secret' approach simply because the delay in the return on investment exceeds the limited duration of the patent coverage. Also, this approach might work if you think your technology could be classified during patenting or hijacked by competition or if you are not ready for worldwide patent enforcement. Here, the free energy adaptors will be electricity or steam providers who can hide the equipment in their plants. You will also hear of 'open source' kind of a business model. The idea behind these models is to sweep technologies and corral inventions -- and then privately develop the ideas where the inventor has but a limited role. This may work for some people but the idea is that you may not have the time for the technologies to trickle down to you, and, as you might suspect, the trickle down devices will have licensing fees attached to them. Free energy will also have to take grass roots if it is to grow. This is the part you have to sweat yourself but it could lead to happiness. Perhaps we can amend the Constitution to say something about the pursuit of happiness and free energy.

 Creativity of the human spirit is unbounded. One spirit can build a self-running over-unity motor while another one can produce cheesy videos of happy-go-lucky-future-is-bright with hydrogen delivered to your door -- and you have to be quick in seeing that, well, you have to work for your independence and, moreover, that each generation has to earn its independence again and again.  

 Yes, it is

  1. Free speech

  2. Free energy

 Earn it.

 What's coming up? Perhaps you can see now that water and air can become man made. Yeah, the future is bright.

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