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We are in the midst of yet another great phenomena. The universal energy that was promised upon humanity any year now for thousands of years has been with us all along. This energy should not be a surprise to Reiki beneficiaries and practitioners. If we owe our existence to higher and better energies, it is then possible for such energies to be in our own neighborhood.

It has come to pass that yours truly has been empowered to Reiki Level One. As they say in the Reiki vernacular, I've been attuned. The greatest part about Reiki is that it resonates with so many philosophies, religions, theories and practices, including Pythagorean geometry, shaman and Pagan practices, and at times physicians.

In the Buddhist tradition the intent is paramount. It is for this reason Reiki does not make claims of a cure but makes claims of the proper and beneficial intent toward the well being of the person in treatment. To keep Reiki in its beneficial potency, one does not have to prove that Reiki cures this of that disease, but, instead, one keeps Reiki's focus by having Reiki's intent clear and clean.

In the Pythagorean tradition the Pythagoreans are discouraged to pray for specific benefits. The idea is that the person does not really know what is best for him or her. In fact, a case can be made that diseases result from wanting and getting only what we want -- while the exclusion of many other things takes us out of balance. Reiki energies do not work in mysterious ways but the treatment may at times follow an indirect path. A change in food preferences may be a result that the Reiki practitioner could not even anticipate. A Reiki practitioner, then, does not make a recommendation that he or she thinks would benefit the patient.

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Intent is everything


The Reiki tradition comes from Japan via a single person: Mr. Mikao Usui. Much controversy surrounds such an important discovery and while Mr. Usui likely earned plenty of credits for a doctorate, my preference is for keeping the man the way he was in Japan and not bestowing upon him the degrees of institutions with which he did not have much in common. Reiki literature I read refers to him as Dr. Usui and without specifying the university, yet I cannot help but keep the institutions of state out of his provenance. A person is to be appreciated for his accomplishments while credentials are but a small part in one's life. In fact, a diploma that confers a PhD upon a person is quite different from an attunement. The spiritual blessings of persons skilled in art are not only different and unique but are likely much more potent than a diploma.

  Distance healing symbol starts with the "root of present" root, source, origin, essence, basis, present (today), main, true, real -- the topmost component of the Distance symbol.

One can make a case that healing is the cornerstone of any religion. Unfortunately the healing power of various Western religious personalities are "elevated" into the miracle category and purposefully taken out of the practical and everyday reach. Reiki started that way as well. Symbols and signs of empowerment were put into safekeeping -- along with the appropriate secrecy provisions. Yet, Reiki made an unusual jump to the US via the island of Hawaii during the second world war and took root here ever since. This is not to say that since Reiki is in the open it is out of the bag and not subject to corruption. Reiki practitioners and beneficiaries are the ones who will keep Reiki in its most healthy and robust state.

Reiki is important for many reasons but the two most important ones are you and your kids. You and I do not mind if a person spends his money on horse racing or cigarettes. Spending money on drugs -- the legal kind -- is also oftentimes perceived as beneficial. You and I can understand that for one reason or another a person gambling his money away is just out of it, but once you are exposed to Reiki you begin to see that spending money on drugs, surgeries, and physicians can be just as stupid as throwing the money away through many and various vices. The idea is not in the argument: "And what would you do if you were in an accident?" because such question diminishes in relevance once you begin to benefit from Reiki and begin to move ahead of the curve. Arguing with a Reiki skeptic is in the same category as arguing with an addict, for their world contains causal deficiencies that they themselves are responsible for. After you become empowered by Reiki, you may arrive at a conclusion that physicians do not have your cure in mind -- either through ignorance or design -- but now you are not a victim twice over. The good news is that you will not have a physician operating on your wallet. Even better news is that you will be genuinely healthy. The best news is that your kids will be healthy. Oftentimes there is a horror story a family has -- just ask: a story of a medical (mis)diagnosis, many operations, and death.

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Mr. Mikao Usui

    I went up the mountain
    to become a part of heaven
    And the heaven became a part of me

Psychosomatic illness is understood as far as the acknowledgment that the pain results from psychic "imbalance." After that, what to do about it varies greatly.

(1) To have surgery is to abdicate and postpone. Surgery does not cure the causes and is but a stop-gap measure or a wake-up call

(2) Back off from stress -- that is, removing yourself from the conflict works at times. Could be a postponement

(3) Resolution of conflicts through reading, counseling, meditation, or Reiki treatment

(4) At times, however, the heaven will yield through your workings and this aspect should not be overlooked. This is applicable to difficult cases such as drug dependency and one may need not only to change a lifestyle but also one's life

If you want to become a master and a teacher in Reiki, the 'will of heaven' component may come up and your understanding of the 'intent to cure' becomes subject to scrutiny. Yes, the scrutiny comes from heaven. You would not be rejected but you would not be granted what you seek at the time. For Reiki practitioners, though, the heaven is always quite willing to help out.


The TV and radio shows talking about 'raising money for a cancer cure' are, to Reiki beneficiaries, directed at disempowered or enslaved individuals who not only succumbed to propaganda, but who also dragged their own children with them down the black hole of ignorance. Perhaps the best analogy is in the Devil card of the Tarot, for the subjugated individuals' chains are but a slip away.

The AMA is a monopoly. Since the 1930s, AMA is actively pursuing the policy of eliminating the cure from its mission. AMA is the sole licensee of the word 'cure,' and they are busy keeping it from everybody else's use. It is easy to say that Reiki practitioners who work in hospitals or in medical clinics have betrayed the trust and the intent of Reiki because by the association with the AMA they are subscribing to witholding the intent to cure. In the long run the beneficiaries of Reiki treatment will be the ones who will provide proper feedback. It can be expected that Reiki practitioners who work without a tie in to the AMA will in the end have a better success rate. Reiki practitioners who work out of a neutral office or travel to treat their clients will be able to leverage the clear intent of doing the best for their clients. There is a difference between waving hands and treating with Reiki. The difference is not so much in the length of practice as it is in the intent. Nobody can pretend to have intent, for the intent is what you offer. If you offer a free CD, you cannot charge more than than it actually costs for shipping and handling.

The path to becoming a Reiki practitioner is open to you. This path does not only have the mundane incentives the likes of saving money and having a healthy family, even though these are there. Reiki is about those things money cannot buy.

Reiki energy could be a nebulous term on par with saying 'good energy.' There are several 'Reiki' interpretations and translations from Japanese, while each practitioner puts his or her footnote on what Reiki energy is and what it can do. So here is our assessment, which is in the context of this site's virtual energy: Reiki energy is intelligence in its virtual, or intangible, form. At times a word 'vibrations' is used and this is a fine description once the person appreciates that vibrations exist in unbounded octaves and in infinite geometric formations. As a Pythagorean, you would appreciate that only the multidimensional geometric formations facilitate tractable solutions. The most important appreciation is that the virtual energy has degrees of intelligence and not just a magnitude of 'less' or 'more' energy. An additional aspect assigns certain priorities to the virtual domain because the knowledge in its virtual form creates structures in its physical, or real, form. Having said that, and departing a bit from the Buddhist view, the real structures -- on account of acquiring certain physical shapes and geometries -- intercept and modulate virtual energies that would otherwise just pass on through. The intent, then, is also one of the constructs that exists geometrically in your mind.

Following an attunement, various systems come up to the surface of your consciousness that are really the result of new ways of understanding. Elation and at times anger may also show up and that is the reason for not rushing Reiki attunements to new levels without giving the changes some time to rebalance. The anger is in the category of having your eyes opened and seeing the "chains" of the past, while its severity may be a sign of releases that are overdue. Most of the times, however, funny or unusual things happen when you get attuned to Reiki and the best way of dealing with it is to write as short a poem as possible:

    In a closed hand I hold all things that are,
    In an open hand I hold all things that will be

So what if AMA is a monopoly. They are entrenched, they provide benefits, and they are here to stay.

Not so. Every monopoly provides benefits but that does not mean you are not being deprived of better and possibly life-saving treatment. If your employer does not allow your health benefits to be applied toward alternate health providers, you are limited in your choices -- to your own detriment. Since the first and the next doctor are both (and all) AMA, you do not really have a treatment choice. There are Supreme Court precedents that work toward the consumer's choice. For example, Pullman Car company was successfully sued because it offered its employees only company-provided housing (this goes back a good number of years). Even though the employee had a choice of housing, it was only Pullman housing that was being offered.

If anybody thinks that "medical community should be educated about Reiki," then the person is not just missing the point; he or she does not understand the central tenet of Reiki, which is the intent to cure.

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Quantum Pythagoreans book explains how to heal matter -- that is, how to convert antimatter into normal matter. This process is but a small component of the book yet it is seminal to the composition and creation of matter and, consequently, healing.
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Reiki energy comes from a particular domain -- the virtual domain. Other entities apply this energy as well. The construction of real matter needs virtual energies also, and there is energy exchange between the real and the virtual domains. On this site we have one application for just this exchange that potentially results in free energy. Bring it home.

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