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"Problems remain virtual until there is a tractable solution"

HyperFlight web site deals with quantum mechanics and its application to the creation (vectoring) of gravitational forces, energy transformation, and the mathematical creation of matter. These three components are the enabling technologies for hyperflight, which is a travel within ether and which has no distance parameter. Pythagorean numerical concepts and Keplerian Newtonian physics are the building blocks. The pursuit of the laws of physics requires interoperability of the procedural (formal, real) domain and data (virtual) domain.

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Present understanding of incommensurable (irrational and transcendental) numbers is incomplete. Pythagorean understanding of incommensurables may need to come out of hiding while confronting those entities that need to keep irrationals concealed. (This aspect is not related to "government.")

We engage both sides of the brain and have fun with mainstream science, for muggles are clueless about the workings of the universe. However, muggles need to be watched and controlled like children because their one-sided (left-brained) ideas have little or no room for responsibility.

Left-brain's lack of intelligent reasoning also includes the presumption that if something cannot be proven false then it must be true. This is the driving (and corrupting) left-brain mechanism for the exclusion of variables from consideration.

Left-brain and right-brain duality maps into the real and the virtual duality of the universe

Exclusion is the most apparent left brain method. In its most blatant, theories devolve into trivia through exclusion -- and end up without a foundation. Big bang is a good example of a "theory" that excludes energy conservation, gravitation, organization, timing/clockwork, chaos, and purpose -- and is a good example of a theory of devolution.

Similarly, light's inertia (light's "ability" to push mirror) is not based on facts but acquired a fraudulent life of its own. Universities (charge fees and) teach 'radiation pressure' courses -- with published plethora of equations -- but there exists no test that would actually confirm the pressure a beam of laser light is supposed to impart on mirror surface.
The inclusion of validity into science opens up unbounded opportunities but the fact that light has no pressure at reflection is so radical the scientists cannot deal with that.

Scientists readily throw Pluto out of the family of planets, but it is only because they do not care to compute the huge angular momentum Pluto has, do not even bother to compile the utility parameters of a planet, and are totally ignorant of the orbital ratio between Neptune and Pluto.

Recently, our additional objective is having NASA in focus because this institution cannot reform itself. We were the first in 1999 to call for the revision of the present understanding of light, for light carries no inertia. This apparently mundane fact triggers the complete overhaul of present day physics. The remaking of the physics foundation then commences the understanding, creation, and control of gravitation. Atomic computability and atomic shaping is also intimately tied to gravitation

Pursuing theories without the economic component is unacceptable (neutrino pursuit). Hiding behind credentials or prizes is unacceptable (Compton, Pauli). Running projects on PR alone is unacceptable (space elevator). Continuing with make-believe science for forty years is not only unacceptable but pathological (photonic momentum/pressure exists only as a story with equations) and may trigger significant correction.

We pursue tractability as the first condition of existence. Tractability is a component of computability. We differentiate spatial (geometric) and linear (arithmetic) computing and see a reason for inclusion of geometric engines into our computing machines. The emulation of right brain computing calls for methods other than algebra. The understanding of the operation of Projection is due, as is the technology that enables content addressability

Tractability through pyramid geometry needs to be understood. One significant aspect is the application of incommensurable numbers, which remain undocumented or concealed throughout the history of this planet.

Tractability is not a continuation of the discussion of Greek-speaking philosophers on the subject of superiority of geometry vs. arithmetic, for tractability is the fundamental differentiator of the two. Inherently, the (square) root is tractable in geometry but intractable in arithmetic

Classical natural philosophy deals with material and immaterial separation as the basic duality. While the atom is the overt representative of the material, atomic stability is based on tractability of the atom's real and virtual components. Real and virtual -- called real and virtual domains -- is the "new" duality.

The existence of independent and dependent variables is the major component in mathematical tractability. Independent variable leads and has priority while dependent variable follows. Independence and dependence of variables is usually reversible. This concept is easier to comprehend than it is to (mathematically) implement

Pythagoreans made a humble but significant step when they spoke of priority of one pursuit (activity, variable) over another. Today, for example, light's speed follows (adapts to) ether or another medium and not the other way around. Ether or another medium such as glass has priority, and the velocity of the light source cannot be added to light's velocity. Light, however, has priority over the spreading of the free electron and light binds electron's (Schrödinger's) spatial spreading. 'Paper-scissors-stone' (West) or 'hand over fist' (East) symbols are the best analogies. Reversibility deals with the change (exchange) in priority. An exceptionally important pursuit, reversible property is generally thought of as restorability-in-time, which is but one aspect of reversibility. Fully reversible relationship, for example, asks: "What kind of system allows photons to be absorbed and then be re-created?"

We map into English. Each word and each label makes sense if it has a good root fit and a good associative fit. Each geometric form also needs to show its utility through its interpretive power -- this includes alphabets and custom geometries

There is no English equivalent for the Eastern word Dantien (Hara in Japanese). Presently, we coined and use the word Couplex for this unique and crucial word. Couplex is the pivotal component in transformations (hence the x), which, in turn, has multitude of applications in self-organization, zero-point energy, as well as in its original martial arts context

At times it is a matter of tuning. We prefer the term 'superposition' over 'interference' when discussing quantum mechanical behavior

Some pursuits prefer to have their own identity through their own vernacular, alchemy and Reiki being good examples

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What we think of gravitation

Gravitation is not based on real field(s). Instead, gravitation is based on quantum mechanical properties that exist on macro (and any) scale

Field-based or field dependent gravitation theory gets objects moving without regard for the conservation of momentum or the conservation of energy -- and such premise is devoid of reality. In and of itself, a field cannot create motion, for motion needs energy. A field must be constructed from real things as a form of a geometric structure before it can be applied. A field, without the structure that creates it, does not have intrinsic existence. A field issues from, and is dependent on, existing real things having particular geometric forms. Uniform field requires the construction of an infinite and solid 2D plane. The useful picture is that of two parallel plates that create field by the application of the electrical potential. 'Field' is a much abused word that, without additional explanation, does not mean anything. When Aristotle deferred to the 'Prime Mover,' he deferred to "something" that today could be called a field (unless you think of the Prime Mover in metaphysical or spiritual terms). A field is a word of convenience that is applied with the expectation that it will not be questioned. A field is expected to create a preexisting notion without explanation. It is analogous to saying "Take Route #21 to the next exit" without the need of explaining how Route #21 came to be. You cannot create new things without understanding how the present things came to be. A field is a derived concept -- once you know how to make geometric structures, field follows. A field is a worthless concept in the explanation of gravitation or energy because the only way to make a field is to make something else first. A field is not a primary or leading element.

Eastern healing methods use words such as chi or prana to describe ether. Because in the West the word ether has many emotional and conflicting attachments, the word field is used instead. Healers and New Age proponents want to use a common, acceptable, and general word for chi or prana but by using 'field' they get more ambiguity because the word field has an introductory yet derived value. In the book Quantum Pythagoreans ether could be either uniform or organized. Organized ether is the virtual energy that is synonymous with chi or prana.

Gravitation exists between real objects and it is the object itself (with atomic granularity) that manifests gravitational force. If you have difficulty with a ball accelerating toward earth and acquiring energy "by itself," think about the energy that was needed to raise the ball up in the first place. While there are no physical springs storing energy, the idea is that a transformative agent provides for the storage. Think numbers and organization.

Spatial warping belief reflects inadequate, corrupted, or pathological brain functioning. Euclidean framework exists and is enforceable. Non-Euclidean (Riemann) framework governs orbits and orbitals (symmetry about a point) and has computability of its own. That is, Euclidean and Riemann geometries exist side by side and are both valid as they both meet the criteria of enforceability (repeatability that arises from unambiguous rules)

The meaning of the Pythagorean Tetractys needs to be amplified. For example: Zero-dimensional, one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional constructs are all individually and concurrently enforceable. Four-dimensional environment is not computable with formal methods. Three vs. four dimensions is about the transition from the real to the virtual domain.

The next step is in understanding the concept of even symmetry that belongs to Euclidean geometry. When going from Euclidean (flat, 2D) to Riemann (symmetrical about point) geometry, we deploy Transcendental numbers. Real numbers and Transcendental numbers are two separate and easily differentiated groups of numbers and it is the Transcendentals that deal with curvature. [It can get strange here but some people have fun with dragons.]

Creation of gravitation has no impulse or propulsion (classical) considerations

High levels of gravitation are harmless to living things. Person subjected to the gravitational force feels no push or stress on body because all atoms of the body are subject to identical gravitation

Acceleration in and of itself is not gravity. With atomic granularity, gravitation results in linear and angular acceleration or deceleration between at least two bodies

Nuclear fission may be more harmful than helpful if attempting to create gravitation. In atom-speak, fission breaks down organization — similar to the creation of heat in classical mechanics or the presence of noise in the information theory

The path of last resort is the path where matter is destroyed while the energy is conserved. There is, however, another path in the context of energy conservation, which deals with reversible transformations

Destruction of matter destroys organization and larger organized systems will compensate. The result can be as simple as the rearrangement of planetary orbits (primary momentum change) while more involved reorganizing actions include supernova

Light's momentum is virtual. Light exerts no pressure and cannot push a payload. Light can create motion only when absorbed in the framework of momentum conservation (between two bodies)

Antimatter will not create gravitation either by its creation or by its annihilation with matter. Antimatter arises when atomic computability ceases. The destruction of matter creates only radiation, which cannot be used for propulsion

Photon can take on many shapes which may, but do not necessarily, interact with matter

Hyperstates are the major formal solutions that result in topologies (geometries) of the observed organized universe — scale-independent, no less

We should be able to buzz the planets of Alpha Centauri and return within a month

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Where does HyperFlight fit?

Whenever one uses words such as impulse or propulsion — that's not us

Quantum mechanical gravitation — that's getting warmer. There are about four academic camps pursuing separate versions of quantum mechanical gravity. For the most part, each version is attempting to reconcile general relativity (of Einstein) with quantum mechanics (of Heisenberg, Dirac, Schrödinger, von Neumann, others)

There is a flaw in the general theory of relativity. The flaw is of a fundamental nature and this will not allow its reconciliation with QM, not even in a narrow context

There are significant new opportunities associated with the pursuit and application of quantum mechanical gravitation. One cannot, therefore, give a digested view of the future or dwell on dead ends of the past

We like academia but we do not promise "free" energy. We are not into matter-antimatter annihilation — that is, we are not into destruction of information or organization. We think the current academic curriculum in physics is weak; It is not only a poor investment, but the primary mission that is based on present day atomic physics or that is based on general relativity is a guaranteed failure

"Free energy" usually refers to "Zero Point Energy" or "Ether mining." That may be OK but such energy is free just as tidal waves are free. Tidal waves can be gentle and periodic or they can be sudden and destructive. We can harness the energy of tides and have "free" energy but the conservation of energy is the law that holds at all times. (Free Energy Essay.) Energy, in the context of the HyperFlight site, can be claimed and used in the framework of reversible energy transformations. The idea is to obtain and use the energy through the understanding of reversible processes

We promise very high vectored speeds which can be occurring in the real (visible) or the virtual (logical) domain. New computational methods will be needed

We know that the complexities of virtual domain relationships can be emulated in polynomial on present day machines and that the complexities can be solved in polynomial on quantum mechanical machines

Computations in the virtual domain are occurring at lightspeed, yet particular computational results can have instantaneous, and therefore nonlocal, manifestations

In quantum mechanical gravitation, lightspeed is a computational parameter in the virtual domain: the speed of computations is at the speed of light and is the same in all (physical and logical) directions while taking advantage of unbounded (possibly infinite) concurrency. All virtual to real transitions or transformations of matter are instantaneous. Reduction (collapse) of gravitational links is instantaneous

Time is a parameter that is always derived from other processes. Time cannot attain independent existence -- that is, the dissociation of time from its creation mechanism is not possible and can be detrimental. Time becomes independent only when derived from a system that is organized already and, because time is always a dependent variable, time will remain independent only as long as the system from which it is derived remains independent

Economics research recognizes time as a following, rather than as a leading variable. Some physicists have a problem with that and insist that because something happened in the past, it will happen again and they are looking for the length/parameter of such "repeating" period

Objects approaching the speed of light do not increase in mass and their gravitational influence does not change. Moving real objects accumulate energy, and therefore conserve energy, (momentum) without bound and in agreement with the conservation of energy. The challenge is to figure out the mechanism of the local energy storage

Mach and Puthoff cannot defer issues to "the universe," just as others cannot defer to "God" or to "ether." There is a fine line between deferring and abdicating

This issue is really quite simple. It calls for the understanding of inertia as the energy conservation enforcement mechanism. Be prepared for things like "getting bodies to move at a distance.."

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