Here, have some light with ether on top!

    Ether is here but can be ignored -- if you don't care what it can do for you or to you

    Ether establishes the absolute speed for the propagation of light and this is the sole parameter for the construction of a formal system

    Ether becomes important and possibly existential once it is energized

Quiet ether pales the rest
Restless it impales

People calling themselves scientists went out looking for the ether wind and did not find it. Of course, who said ether is a wind? What if ether is a stationary medium and everything else subordinates its motion to it? When light enters another medium such as glass, light instantly adapts (subordinates) its speed to it -- a fact known and accepted for about a hundred years. When photons of light leave their source, they instantly adapt to the medium they encounter -- that of ether. Instant adaptation certainly goes a long way toward explaining why lightspeed is the same in all directions and independent of the velocity of the source that introduces light into ether.

Light rebounds from a mirror without slowing down, too.


.. never left the building
.. given proper burial in Cleveland
.. reborn as hyperspace, data, the truth, even energy
.. is virtual and you can hang your hat on that

Ether, as a real and measurable entity, was expunged from science in 1887 by a well-devised and well-meaning experiment, in Cleveland no less. Today, ether lives in the medium of the Internet where the search for 'AEther' brings up over 100,000 pages from either the Alta Vista or Infoseek engines while Yahoo brings up 18 categories that differentiate aether associations and tangents. (In 2009 update, Google finds over 2½ million site-pages while Yahoo over 7 million.) The emotion of ether ripples up to the headings: Ether Lives! Ether Is Everywhere! As if ether needs our support to hang in there or else, dejected, ether spirit diffuses to a different and friendlier place.

People like ether, and scientists have nothing to do with it

In 1887 in Cleveland, Michelson and Morley set up an experiment to measure the speed of light in .. something. Science needs the hierarchy of things and up to a point all logic adds up fine. Sound moves in air, air moves with the wind, wind moves with the earth. No air, no music. The physical entity was thought to need a medium if it were to propagate. And the medium for light is ether. One could not see ether, and it is also not possible to vacate ether and stop light from propagating. But the important thing is that we needed a medium, while the name for it may come after we find out what this thing is.

Light swimming in ether

On a pool of mercury there floats an apparatus consisting of a light source, mirrors, and light detectors. Light leaves its source, splits into two beams and propagates in two perpendicular directions. After so many feet, light is reflected to retrace its path to whence it came. Back at the source, both of the returning beams are added. Whatever value both lights add up to is recorded because if light from either branch slows down and its wave crest shifts, the detector would be the first to know. Indeed, if we put a piece of glass in but one of the paths, the detector measures the delay in that path.

The separation of the beam happens at the beam-splitting mirror aka the half-silvered mirror. The reason for this method is that the photonic splitting, which is really branching of each and every photon, happens at the same instance (light's wavefunction is the even function). So, the branching happens whenever light reaches the mirror, and saying that the branching happens 'at the same time' is inferior because branching happens whenever light gets there.

The math is in place: Duration of the round trip for light going at c against ether at v would be c-v and coming back with ether would then be c+v -- and these values are different from the round trip going perpendicular to the moving ether. Not knowing which way ether may be moving, Michelson and Morley rotated the entire apparatus. It is OK if ether were sitting still because we know which way the earth moves and at a clip, say v, the light detector would resolve. So, even if ether were stationary, the presumption was that the light would still have a plus or minus v on top of the stationary ether. The purpose of Michelson and Morley's work was to determine the intrinsic speed of light once we factored out the speed of ether or the speed of the earth -- a strong milestone with a possible prize to match. However, no matter how the apparatus was rotated, the light detector did not show any changes in lightspeed in either branch.

Two parts of light swimming in ether

What happens to light at the beam-splitting mirror is an interesting topic of its own. You may want to know what each and every photon does as it encounters the half-silvered mirror, for there are several possibilities. We have a quick analysis on our DSSP page just on that.


But here is where the presumption of ether being "the wind," or something that can be added to, is called to account. Because light instantly adapts its speed to the medium of ether, there is no 'against ether' or 'with ether' or 'perpendicular to ether' or 'in addition to ether' -- but only in ether or within ether.

The expectation or prejudice -- but most likely an intellectual limitation -- that lightspeed "must be" additive and subtractive led to the interpretation of the experiment that was a disappointment to many. Somehow, scientists threw ether out because there was no "wind" or an additive action that would slow light down or speed it up. Scientists could not and cannot get over a fact that a watermelon's speed is additive to the truck that carries it but light's speed is not, for light's speed always adapts to the medium it passes through. Michelson and Morley earned scorn. Heap of challenges and doubts also leaves the impression that somewhere, somehow, these two guys could have botched it up. One hundred and twelve years later (and counting), the echoes of the experiment's interpretation are bouncing off the Internet: Aether Is Ancient! Official Site of Ether!

Ether would make a great political party. Battered, drawn, and quartered it keeps coming back. Ether is indestructible. "I solemnly swear I believe in ether" would be the first words of The Ether Charter. But it also would be the last words because after this the rest of the Internet ether becomes rather personal.

The place to start is by realizing that lightspeed is different in different media: water, glass or air. Nobody is calling for an explanation of ether when the speed of light slows down in the fiber optic cable, for example. Just the medium itself is a sufficient parametric explanation. The kicker is that once light leaves one medium its speed instantly adapts to the new medium, up or down. So now it is becoming apparent that the speed of the light's source is irrelevant to the speed of light because it is the medium itself that regulates -- really determines -- the speed of light within it. If you reached a conclusion that there must be a base or a fundamental medium then you are off to a great start.


A square has two circles. Moving from the inner circle (one touching the inner sides with radius r1, which is a/2) to the outer one, the circle's circumference undergoes a certain expansion. How much?

Geometrically, the change in circumference is:

delta C = a*Pi*(Sqrt(2)-1).

Now, pick the best known square on the planet: the base of the great pyramid -- and use it (in meters) for a in this equation. You'll get the magnitude of the speed of light (in thousands of meters per second).

Internet ether is a fascinating read. Everybody has an opinion on what ether is and what it does. Ether is described as bouncing balls, free donuts and chained donuts with families of bigger and smaller donuts, swirls and vortexes, little propellers or helical springs, plain elastic, and miniature black holes that suck [no comment, but there is also a version of ether that blows and provides a mechanism for gravity]. Testimonials from scientists are worded as if they were running for the office of the Ether Party: "[My] Field Theory is not inconsistent with the concept of ether." If there is anything common to all the proposals and explanations, it is the ideal quality of ether. It is perfect, super-ducting, frictionless, unbiased, and absolute. Ether medium dances with vigor and has a soul.

Fortunately, only scientists have a problem


Free electron speed is also not additive to earthspeed and we have a teacher stumper about the electron microscope.

The book you will thoroughly enjoy

 To Publisher...

There is a way of explaining ether and how it can be worked. Yes, this book reveals what ether is made of and how ether is capable of accepting and storing energy. But of course, the book also explains the mechanics of refraction and why higher energy photons bend more.  Continue..

One can move easily in the halls of science by replacing belief with a hypothesis, numerology with numerical analysis, revelation with insight, and pudding with equations. The eviction of ether as in "there is no medium" was unfortunate because the speed of light can be calculated from Maxwell's equations of light directly by applying the electromagnetic properties of the vacuum of space. There is indeed something out there that relates to and mediates the propagation of light. Whatever negotiates the propagation of light, though, is not a field. The field is a real thing and Michelson-Morley experiment found no real medium for light's propagation that would carry light and speed it up or slow it down.

There is one possibility left -- that is, ether exists as a virtual medium. Virtual entity happens when we mathematically encounter the operator i, which is a result of taking a square root of minus one. The square root of minus one should not be just a hint, for the i operator has been with us for over a thousand years. A variable subject to the i operation has certain characteristics and our 'imaginary' or 'virtual' description does not delegate it to nonexistence.

The way Schrödinger electron orbital equation was derived illustrates the i nicely. We take a point charge representing the atomic core and put electrons into the mix using general — that is complex, variables. Complex variables have real and virtual components and it is the addition of the virtual i-based components that eventually yields the equation. Without the i, the equation results in a classical solution where the electron loses energy as it spirals toward the core in a non-systemic, dead end fashion.

Nothing wrong with virtual variables

Perhaps a song would cheer the eyes of the show-me-the-proof crowd: "It Takes Money And Honey, Sonny." Then again, the thinking person may be persuaded with logical arguments rather than sway to emotional highs. So we leave the concluding remarks to the Attorney for Likely History:

General relativity cannot explain gravitational spin and happily ignores the spinning universe

    "Ladies and Gentlemen: The unceremonious dump of ether left a void. By discarding ether without thinking you were left with – nothing. You back-filled it with fields, but the general theory of relativity is in a pickle because it cannot explain any of the spinning and observable cosmic patterns, but it can explain black holes, which are not observable. You may want to present this to a doctor, because it sounds to me you are dealing with a pathological reality! You could put general relativity aside and maybe work another theory up. Instead, you hang on to this bad marriage while not even capable of propositioning that the fundamentals will not be appeased. The thing is, the more you work it the worse it will get.

    I cannot ask you to put ether back, because it never left. I cannot ask you to throw away general relativity, because postdocs simulating black holes just might find a job programming PC games. I cannot ask you not to embarrass your sponsor by trying to measure gravitation waves, because the competition with Hollywood is still a competition. I cannot ask you not to bother compartmentalizing the atom for the sake of quantum computing, because you have the right to insist there is plasma in your head. I cannot ask this government to call off the search for neutrinos, because the Japanese and the Canadian governments are digging the neutrino hole in the ground with us in the spirit of cooperation. When the neutrinos could not be found, I could not ask you to change your mind because you can try to prove mind-over-matter by willing neutrino with new mass-shifting properties. Certainly, I would not want to ask academia to stop the age-old practice of self-righteousness, because you may pursue happiness by discovering a law that for every deep pocket there exists a deeper hole. I cannot ask you, but I will tell you that you are pumping vapors. I rest my case."

Light propagates in the virtual medium of ether by computing its way through the medium. Light is virtual and becomes real as real heat energy when it meets matter and reduces in your skin or on the eye's retina, for example. Light's reduction is no other than light's absorption. Being virtual, light changes direction instantly when it encounters a mirror surface and continues on without reducing. Light changes its speed downward or upward instantly when it interacts with the electrons of matter the likes of glass, plastic, air, crystal, or water. Michelson-Morley experiment shows nicely the relational behavior of light, because the light entering the virtual medium of ether propagates at the computing speed of light c which does not depend on the speed of the source that introduces light into the medium. Similarly, if we scoop up light with a fast moving detector, the lightspeed will still be c. There are no missing or overlooked pieces in the Michelson-Morley experiment. The missing piece is in our appreciation of the virtual existence of ether and in our engagement of its usefulness. Light is but one of the virtual entities that use ether for propagation.

Schrödinger generalized variables from just real to complex and got his solution. Yet nobody has thought to generalize the medium that facilitates light's propagation.

For eighty years now, the physicists are having an ironman picnic:

    "Here, let me flip your hamburger."

    "Thanks. Let me flip your hamburger."

Light makes instant turns because light is a virtual entity

Light becomes real energy only after a transformation. Quantum mechanically, the real energy of light manifests as heat or moving energy only after a photon of light reduces (absorbs). The reduction of a photon happens independently to each and every photon and some photons can be reflected and remain virtual while others may reduce and transform to real energy.


With so many ways of seeing ether, perhaps it would be a good time for the author to step up to the light and proclaim what he thinks these mediating critters of ether are and what they look like:

    "Either can be energized but mostly it is still and then it facilitates straight propagation of light at constant speed. Once energized, however, ether likes to be continuous by joining the like energies -- or ideas or data -- together. Ether also likes to relate the ideas by degrees and include all possible shades of gray in their in-formations. To that end, ether forms data strings that have the extreme values of opposites at each end. Energized ether looks like - 'little moon crescents.' They link up over vast distances forming 3D webs of relevant data sets. They assemble and disassemble and reassemble at the speed of light. Yet, the strings can and do become real. Once realized, the pair of extremes is not ether any more but becomes one real embodiment. The strings fold in and acquire a real shell of a real object. Once that happens, we can have even more fun measuring and bouncing the real thing, and some things have enough utility in them to take the results to the bank."

Is it settled, then? Does the energized ether look like little buttered croissants in space? In a way they do and it would be nice if we could agree on one nifty shape, but ether also becomes space because ether fills in the geometric constructs for space that are the 0D, 1D, 2D and 3D degrees of freedom (think Tetractys). Technically, active and fully developed ether components have a shape of the hyperbole but the crescent shape is close enough to make it into a powerful symbol of an archetype.

The shape of ether strings is based on data and the distance of space has nothing to do with it. Strings will connect into this or that functional shape using relevant data wherever data is. The formation of strings does not depend on distance because distance is something that is real and can be measured. Ether exists as a nonlocal medium. Ether contains multiple and infinite universes of data which can be visualized in many different shapes where the hyperbole results from a logical formation of nonlocal data. Yet ether is for the most part quiescent and that is why lightspeed is constant in any and all directions, and the direction of light's propagation is straight.

So, coud you actually bend light's path? Directing light into energized ether would do just that. But of course, it is called refraction and the energized ether is inside the atom. But the real fun would be in actually modulating etheric energy and get as much bending as we want. You are on your own here but it's been done before.

It is never too late to introduce the 'D' word. Duality is the fundamental framework needed for the organization of our personal world and the world around us. The real and the virtual component of Duality are separated in nature and should remain separate in our thinking, for each gives us a different perspective with much utility. Each component of Duality has its own strengths and we need to switch back and forth to organize, for the resolution of conflicts within Duality leads to better and still better organization. Although separate, there is no need to deny or throw away one half of your brain. Just keep the hemispheres separated and joined the way they already are.

Duality is a bit more than just two things

Scientists like rubber sheets and billiard balls because they love to think readers need simplifying aids. Simplification, however, usually corrupts the subject at hand because our everyday experiences and mechanisms are not representative of new and unusual things. You cannot explain the fact that a laser has no recoil by using billiard balls. You cannot explain quantum mechanical gravitation using rubber sheets. Readers, fortunately, do not want simplistic explanations simply because even complex things can be described in a way that, in addition to representing the realities of new opportunities, make sense as well. But when it comes to the speed of light propagating at constant speed in all directions, scientists suddenly reduce to trust-me or believe-you-me kind of explanation. The reason they are suddenly at loss for words is because the word ether was removed from their brains and they cannot find it. So, we will leave scientists waving their hands and stretching their rubber sheets, and introduce ether analogy of our own.

Imagine ether as water.

The best way to appreciate and visualize ether is through swimming. You are the photon of light and a swimmer as well. You jump into the water from a fast boat but as soon as you hit the water you swim only as fast as you can. The speed of the boat, being forward or backward or sideways, has nothing to do with it because you swim at one speed and in the direction you jumped. If for some reason you encounter different medium besides water, you may swim slower, but the idea is that the medium is the thing that determines how fast you are swimming -- not the speed or the direction of the boat that launched you.

Speaking mathematically, ether is independent and lightspeed is dependent. Pythagoreans discovered and applied the notion of priority, which also fits in nicely. Ether has priority and dominates when it comes to light propagation. In the case of ether, it is this medium that allows lightspeed to be at its fastest.

To this day scientific reports deal with negative mass and negative energy rather than virtual mass and virtual energy. In spite of everything, science still cannot get over the square root of minus one. This snafu has taken root that one day in Cleveland when somebody decided that "if it isn't real, it isn't science." Most physicists know that light is virtual, and some may even suspect ether is virtual -- but all must argue that light is real and ether does not exist, for if they throw the light out they may as well close the shop and give students a refund.

It's okay to think of light as "spirit moving upon waters," for light can indeed sculpt ether. Usually, light is understood as 1D rays of EM radiation issuing from matter but light can exist in higher dimensions.

The "darkness in all directions" aspect of Genesis refers to the pre-sun environment and does not describe a chaotic or evil environment. Once organization commences, there will arise a corrupting incentive for chaos. In other words, God did not push aside or diminish chaos -- that's up to you and I. You may want to go back to the ancient Egypt's Heliopolis and have a talk with Atum. The Old Testament is a patchwork from that and with the transformative aspects deleted.

As always, there is more to it than lightspeed. There also exists a differentiation between a new and existing information, for information can be like and/or unlike. There is not much known about this particular differentiation and so, naturally, it is in the category of natural magic. Oh, just one implication: Superluminal travel.

The presumed absence of ether requires that a beam of laser light puts pressure on a mirror surface when photons rebound from it because the presumed real energy of light must manifest in some way. Yet the reason such experiment was not performed -- and compared with a theory to many decimal places -- is because the scientist cannot begin to visualize the world with ether. A beam of laser light does not put pressure on a mirror at reflection and the scientist cannot face up to it.

A scientist has no clue how to treat light and ether and it is then easier to deny it. Scientists will look to comet's tail and spin the interpretation, but they are deathly afraid to perform the experiment right in the lab across the hall.

Could it be that Michelson and Morley's experiment proves that light does propagate in a particular and stationary medium that establishes c for the intrinsic and absolute speed of light? You bet. But if you tell this to a scientist or two, they will not know what to do with it and pervert it in some way or explain it away. It just happens that the scientist reacts to ether as the proverbial devil reacts to a cross. The scientist would rather deny it and then run away before he or she could begin to deal with it. You want to savor the advantage. Of course, you can have fun with any scientist who picks the black hole as his or her shining star. There are scientists that even look like a black hole. But you can do better with ether than any scientist ever could.

Here is an illustration from the Appendix of the Quantum Pythagoreans book. It shows the light's path when the light is released perpendicular to the downward moving Earth.

You can do better on your own


See our DSSP topic where the Michelson-Morley experiment is used to apply the absolute speed of light in ether while invalidating the basic time-delay premise of general relativity.

If you are comfortable with ether, you will enjoy the article on free energy and a review of a book that describes ether based fog-like phenomena of the Bermuda Triangle.

ZPE and energy vortex are the most obvious and imminent ether gateways. The superluminal travel, shaping/sculpting of matter with energies other that heat or mechanical (hammer) energies, and the creation of matter from ether are but a few significant milestones of the future.

Ether stores and saves knowledge. Ether is the memory and the virtual energy, or knowledge, of the universe. Matter is a tractable (computable) structure. So is the water and the air we breathe. Wanna make a planet?

If you think ether is bunk -- let it rest. If you are lucky it may catch up with you.

Book by Mike Ivsin
 To Publisher...

Quantum Pythagoreans book differentiates ether as uncommitted and organized. More importantly, ether is presented in the framework of energy: How it is possible to impart energy to ether and how to make it reversible.

The book establishes the spatial and the energy components of ether and explains the symmetry mechanisms of its creation and energy storage.

Ether is the farthest and the deepest reaching component of the universe -- literally and figuratively.

Quantum Pythagoreans will put you in position of oversight of many physical phenomena.

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