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1. Light is virtual

Light (electromagnetic radiation) propagates computationally in virtual medium. Light instantly changes its speed (of computation) when it encounters new medium such as glass. There is no real photon because light cannot impart pressure to a mirror at reflection

Individual photons can be parted such that the photon remains an interconnected pair (via dual slit or interferometry).

Everything about light on this site is referenced from one page.

Light speed instantly adapts to a new medium such as glass and light instantly adapts to the medium of ether. Light's propagation is not a function of the speed of the light source that introduces light into the medium.

(Virtual) Photon can impart no pressure at reflection. Virtual photon, if parted, is a pair that exists at macro scale and its instantaneous reduction can occur over vast distances. We thus have quantum mechanical behavior occurring at macro scale

Light's energy is virtual. Light's energy parity is conserved during reflections (remains virtual) while light's energy is transformed during absorption (becomes real as heat, electrical, or moving energy)

Light propagates in the medium of ether that is intrinsically uniform in all directions while geometry puts additional constraints on that. Ether, however, might acquire energy which could change light's path.

Light (laser beam) cannot push a mirror since light’s energy remains virtual -- there is no transformation occurring at reflection. The most important step is the first step: See theXperiment

Michelson-Morley experiment makes sense. Any component of light (branched or not) will propagate at lightspeed once light leaves its source and regardless of the velocity (speed and direction) the light source may be going.

After you figure out that light has no inertia, model photons of light as swimming in ether. Ether is just another medium the likes of glass, water, or air. Michelson-Morley experiment makes even more sense. You'll uderstand why the light mill rotation is reversible. This sets up a QM understanding of gas pressure.

Gateway. Once the mindset is through this point the opportunities are quite numerous

Laser has no recoil

Quantum computing with light

2. Energy can be real or virtual
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Quantum Pythagoreans: The only book discussing in depth the concepts of the virtual energy -- energy without momentum. More

Energy parity is conserved.

Transition of light from virtual to real ends photon existence while energy parity is transformed. Overall, energy is conserved as either real or virtual.

Light experiments (above) and electron experiments (below)

Once you understand ether, you will get on with 'free energy' and Tesla's energy transmission will not be that strange.

Better understanding of QM, particularly when dealing with "borrowed" energy in semiconductor materials.

Creation of momentum on macro scale.

3. Electron can exist as bounded or unbounded particle

Bounded (confined) electron behaves classically. However, moving and free electron acquires different properties. Velocity of a free electron is not additive to any frame of reference.

Electron-wave experiments that address electron’s wavelength. Louis de Broglie electron experiments. Primer/article on QM treats photons and electrons side by side.

Better understanding of quantum vacuum.

Lighten up by discarding excess classical baggage.

4. Unbounded and moving electron exists in a virtual state within virtual domain

A. Explanation of inertia (inertial mass). New definition of inertia. Connectivity between a real particle and the virtual domain.

B. Moving electron -- that is the momentum and wave of the electron is about a reversible transformation. (Particle-wave duality is really momentum-wave duality.)

A. Relativistic presumption does not hold for the electron’s two-slit experiment – that is, the results are different depending on whether the electron or the apparatus is stationary. In other words, the virtual electron has absolute wavelength [somebody tell the good news to Newton]

B. Electron becomes the virtual electron when it manifests as a wave in the dual slit experiment

Quantum computing with electrons.

5. Virtual domain is logical

Propagation in the virtual domain is computational rather than physical. Virtual electron’s movement is the same in all frames of reference

Same as above. Additional variant: Electron interference remains unchanged when the apparatus is rotated

Reach anywhere within the Oss (Our solar system) inside a week

6. Virtual domain as memory

Memory is a fundamental component in the conservation of energy. Nature manifests memory in this topic.

Particle reaching relativistic speed does not acquire greater mass and does not acquire greater gravitation (attraction) properties

Reach neighboring solar systems inside a month

7. Virtual domain as computing environment with unbounded concurrency construct

Computability is a fundamental mechanism for the conservation of virtual energy. If computability is to be tractable we need structures that have patterns (patterns create overlays for solutions convergence)

Coherence experiments for the confirmation of the conservation of virtual energy

Terraforming the Oss. Who terraformed the earth? [Those who do not understand the pyramid can only try to insult those who do]

8. Access virtual domain

Knowing the gravitational mechanism, work the virtual domain within existing (this solar system’s and galaxy’s) knowledge to vector gravitation

Physical-Logical-Physical relocation

What solar system are you from?

'Extra-terrestrial' term loses meaning

The ultimate: Your salvation in your present body form (if salvation is visualized as being "one with the universe")

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