Building Universe With The Creator

In The Beginning

"I would like to start with space but space has too many meanings and preconceptions. What I really need is spatial distance or just distance. Distance is from here to there because distance is about separation between things. As you can see, I do not even need to create spatial distance because we don't have any planets as yet. Once we have some things, we will know how far apart they are and then the distance will happen by itself.

Distance is self-referencing, too. We will not need a yardstick because the thing, once created, will be of some size and then we can use that size to figure out the separating distance."

Okay. So far you tell me all about things you do not need to create. You are taking it really easy.

"It is very important to know what I don't have to do. What I said so far is that the universe will be scale-independent; not an easy concept to figure out if you are born into a finished universe. Scale-independence also keeps the universe unbounded because there is always a way to put more distance between things while keeping the same working scales and ratios between things."

When I see a star, I do not know off hand if it is a planet, another solar system, or the entire galaxy. You talk about working scales. Are we getting ready to do some work?

"We are right in the middle of it. I was hoping you can figure out the obvious. If I want to create something or do some work, I will need energy. But there is no energy."

But that's too obvious. You will now create some energy. It's a good start. Do some magic and make some energy out of nothing.

"No problem, I am the creator. What are we going to do with this energy? We do not have a ball to get that rolling. We can save it, I guess, in the energy bank until we need it. But since we cannot use it, we do not need to create it. Better yet, as soon as we will have a need for energy, I'll create some energy right away, rest assured."

Are you serious?


You did not create energy but you created the potentia for energy

"Virtual energy, exactly."

To say that we now make up a virtual ball to play a virtual game is not going to fly, you hear?

"The manifestation. You sure cut to the quick. To manifest something, anything, we will need a real thing. The manifestation will be about the movement and to move a real thing we will need real energy.

We have virtual energy. Can you convert virtual energy into real energy yourself or do you need magic for that?"

I guess you want me to figure it out. Virtual energy has zero real units. If the real energy equals virtual energy, then the real energy must manifest as two things moving in the opposite direction because then the total kinetic energy of these two things altogether will be zero.

"How do you convert real energy back into virtual energy?"

As the two things are moving in the opposite direction, their mutual kinetic energy must decrease .. wait a minute ..

"Let me make a note on that: 'To conserve real and virtual energy, create gravity.' Well done. Anything else you want me to create?"


"Let's do that tomorrow. Besides, you are not in the dark, really. Meanwhile, think about what happens when real energy cannot be converted to virtual energy. I know what light is about and you know it takes two to tango."


In the beginning all was still and the Magician said onto all:
"Move, for the motion will manifest your knowledge."


Second day:
The Creator on light

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