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Quantum Pythagoreans
Of Stars and Numbers, Gs and Waves

.. book by Mike Ivsin

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Posted April 28, 2006
Revised August, 2009

A new book from a new author builds on the Pythagorean tradition and describes the knowledge inherent in the atomic and cosmic creations. While the quantum mechanics may seem a recent phenomenon, the underlying concepts are quite remarkably and unabashedly Pythagorean.

Pythagoras and Pythagoreans influenced the Western culture so profoundly the very mentioning of Western is nearly synonymous with Pythagorean. Pythagoreans delved into cosmic harmony while also dealing with the earthly topics of diet, health, music, ethics and the equality of women. The Pythagorean Theorem uncovered irrational numbers and put Greek-speaking scholars in the exclusive pursuit of geometry lasting twenty four hundred years. Pythagoreans used numbers not only for counting and in the creation of the Western musical scale, but also looked at numbers for their symbolic, sexual, and creative power. It is widely acknowledged that Plato was a Pythagorean and the Academy he established lasted an unsurpassed 900 years.

To be modern is to look forward to new and possibly different developments. Yet, Pythagorean teaching resurfaced twice in the past in a forceful and meaningful way. During the Dark Ages the Pythagorean notion of musical heavenly spheres fueled new arts and sciences of the Renaissance, despite the Counter-Reformation on the inside and the height of the Muslim expansion on the outside. Pythagorean concepts surprised all again when 120 years ago integers and the Pythagorean Theorem turned out to govern the quantum behavior of the atom.

Quantum Pythagoreans is a book about the world being created of and by numbers. Numbers also need operators and degrees of independence to sustain their creation. Numbers actually manifest the atom, for the atomic orbitals of waves need to exactly close upon themselves in integer increments. Some numbers will be found in the atom while others will not. Quantum Pythagoreans discusses the degrees of independence as the construct of creation and independence is a matter of degrees -- that is, numbers. Mathematical tractability that sustains matter of us and around us then also calls on geometry and different computing aspects of dimensions and symmetries. For hundreds of years we observed the wondrous forms of the planetary and galactic topologies. Quantum Pythagoreans for the first time explains why certain creations can exist in but a straight line while others subscribe to curving geometries. Quantum Pythagoreans presents the contexts in which all observable topologies happen.

Pythagoreans were the first to place numbers into even and odd groups and classified numbers by their unique characteristics such as incomposite, which are today's prime numbers. The Pythagorean evenly-even numbers are today called the binary numbers. The commensurable and incommensurable numbers also have Pythagorean origin -- also named rational and irrational numbers of today. While it may surprise some that past discoveries of numbers' unique properties continue to be relevant on the atomic scale, others see it as but another branch that springs from deep roots Pythagoreans left in our way of thinking. We can then conclude with some confidence that Pythagorean discoveries of symmetries, number classification, and dimensions of independence are relevant to quantum mechanics and gravitation. Still largely concealed and misunderstood is the Pythagorean Tetractys, which deals with dimensions, and which Quantum Pythagoreans applies in the explanation of cosmic topologies.

Quantum Pythagoreans opens with the movement of the particle and how movement becomes the wave. The conservation of energy allows matter to be in the real or in the virtual state. A particle can disappear and reappear because its energy continues to be conserved in either state, and Quantum Pythagoreans opens up the virtual domain to its full potential. While the computational aspects inside the virtual domain are different, new parameters do not include the parameter of spatial distance. Photons of light and the virtual electron are now described in their full systemic existence.

Pythagorean teaching and discoveries were closely guarded secrets. In the absence of the intellectual property concepts, Pythagorean secrecy preserved discoveries made by Pythagoreans for the benefit of Pythagoreans. Pythagoreans are oftentimes envisioned as a cult full of talent, magic, secrets, mysteries, and possibly intrigues. Even today there are practicing magicians of science whose breakthrough discoveries may explain 'free energy' and faster-than-light space travel.

Planetary geometries is a topic worked by Pythagoras and Kepler two thousand years apart, and it is time to understand why certain planets' interlock their orbits in ratios of musical notes from the octave. Quantum Pythagoreans opens the topic of planetary orbits by showing that together the planets create multi-pointed stars. The music of the heavenly spheres is not but a sound bite but acquires a foundation that is rational and good looking as well. Five-pointed, eight-pointed, and even two pointed stars delight and intrigue the reader, as Venus and Earth start off by making the pentagram together. Orbits of planets are harmonious to be sustainable and the book describes which stars are harmonious and why.

Just as rational numbers will have found cosmic applications, incommensurable numbers enter through a novel geometric construction of the Golden Proportion called the Golden Eye. Quantum Pythagoreans explains the purpose of incommensurable numbers in the preparation of applying them in the Pyramid. Pythagoreans can and do actualize numbers, including transcendentals, and even infinitely long numbers have their own and unique applications.

Quantum Pythagoreans starts working the gravitation at the physics of the small. While building on the strength of classical and quantum mechanical physics, the intangible aspect of knowledge becomes our second nature just as it is in the nature. A new definition of inertia stands on Newton's shoulders. Light and the electron compute within structures von Neumann would think elegant. From the depth of the alchemical Tetractys and the breadth of the accumulated knowledge, Quantum Pythagoreans weaves the understanding of gravitation where the cosmic topologies we observe are the real and interlocked solutions from among competing physical variables. By engaging the mystery of the Tetractys, we build the universe with all known topologies. In turn, the universe will allow us to move within it. We look back at Genesis in light of the atomic and cosmic creation, which becomes as clear in the end as it was unforgiving in the beginning.

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