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There is not a single black hole in the universe, but . . .

Because our brain emulates the world as we think it is, there can be a "black hole" in one's head, and this possibly interferes with human functions

The absence of a black hole becomes apparent when one pursues the creation mechanics of matter and antimatter. The ongoing accumulation of matter renders matter's constituents noncomputable and results in the conversion of matter to energy. The explosive conversion in the form of a nova or supernova is the in-your-face nonreversible transformation.

When matter and antimatter appear and noncomputably interact, the mutual annihilation results in the release of energy as per E=2mc2 where m is real mass. The other m comes from antimatter. (Here is the point where you want to explore the sudden appearance of antimatter.) Ending up as a burst of X-rays does not happen very often and it is a path of last resort since the organization (information, knowledge) is destroyed.

Matter is destroyed but it happens in the context of energy conservation. The equation works one way only (E< 2mc2) from right to left, and the released energy is electromagnetic radiation or heat that needs to be reworked if something useful (organized) is to become of it. The resulting photons have particular frequencies but it is not possible to create atom(s) directly from it. An atom cannot be made from heat or electrical energy -- that is, an atom cannot be made directly from real energy alone.

Matter and antimatter is created when matter is compressed. Black holes cannot form because matter is based on tractable computing and matter is destroyed if its components cannot remain tractable. The compression that results in intractable matter can be via (particle) collision, continued growth of a single body, and thru light's interaction with matter. (Light can decompose an atom but cannot break it down into matter and antimatter.)

Every sun has a bound placed on its size and (super)nova limits the growth of every sun.

What is needed for building matter from energy? Atom's orbital geometry is spherical or elliptical and the squaring of a circle needs to be taken care of. After annihilation, photons are under Eucledian geometry and it may take a visit to other pages of this site to see what the pyramid geometry and transcendental numbers bring to the organizing table. Intrinsically, though, the computing environment is different under different degrees of freedom and that is how the pyramid geometry comes in. Pythagorean Tetractys should help. (The Quantum Pythagoreans book deals with making sense of variables that exist in infinite superposition and it happens with the help of the pyramid geometry in the role of a computational construct.) You will also need to appreciate the difference between photonic energies and the electron's energies.

Creation of antimatter and general relativity are completely disconnected in the present scientific percept. We have a short article on antimatter. But of course, antimatter must be ignored for the general relativity to retain its basis of belief.


Information on the existence of black holes is at other sites, sponsored mostly by universities. It is a theory without systemic behavior because it has a dead end -- testifying perhaps to the weakness of the logical process that cannot be even called a theory.

The black hole belief will eventually be thought of along the lines of earth-centered solar system, flat-earth, and other interesting goofs.

Peeking into the student's report thirty or so years from now (2040, say), we read:

    "People at that time have had certain self-deprecating fascination with black holes. For over one hundred years many people equated black holes with the cataclysm of war or hell. The formalization of their environment into laws, which was supposed to bring about the comforts of peace and predictability, nevertheless culminated in war. War after war people embraced law and order -- while some just order -- and accepted a model of the physical world that matched their desires for the new law and new order. After much toil and research, every law of physics that was based solely on reality inevitably lead to the unescapable black hole.

    To those expecting the most out of life, this was a perplexing and unkind conclusion."

Some implications of a black hole
Black hole proponents will agree that, once inside a black hole, all knowledge is destroyed. The creation of antimatter and the nova action are well known but ignored. Brain functioning of black hole proponents appears to be dissociated. It can be said Hawking is the living representative of a black hole on this planet.

Energy work through ZPE (zero-point energy) covers many relevant disciplines. On the leadership side, there is a comprehensive article about the Pythagorean numerical concepts.

'Dark matter,' 'dark force,' 'black holes,' 'negative energy,' and similar terms all issue from the ignorance about the inclusive nature of light and ether. The mechanism for such models follows from the reduction of the objective reality where hierarchy dominates. Metaphysically, there exist the spiritual domain of the light and that of the darkness.

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Black holes are not supported by evidence but black holes teaching is supported by taxpayers' money. [If you think getting 72 virgins on the other side after your sacrifice is pathetic, the black hole is not that far behind.] Many a picture taken by the visual or X-ray observatories contain official narrative about black holes. What is kept out of X-ray pictures is the spectral data associated with the particular X-ray images. Most X-ray radiation will occur at the energy equivalence of an electron and proton, showing the destruction of these two particles. If higher X-ray energies are present (gamma), these will occur only at frequencies that correspond to the entire atom.

The book you will thoroughly enjoy

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How to construct and deconstruct atoms and molecules.
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The computational aspect of matter makes the black hole proposition into a belief and possibly corruption. This site has several ways of dealing with the black hole detachment. Recovering good money you spent learning about black holes remains in your purview, however. Other than that, consider adding something about light.

You may rediscover swimming in ether, taking chaos apart, and even reversing the rotation of a light mill without magic -- all on this site. Oh, if you don't construct time clocks from unstable (decaying) matter and instead build a light-based clock, time becomes absolute. Time always follows and time is only as good as the system from which it is derived.

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A footnote for Albert:

    This guy gained prominence in the wake of unprecedented destruction brought about by the First World War. The killings, leveraged by technology, precipitated a crisis of human identity, for no longer could the technological progress be synonymous with the betterment of the future. An essay with historical and political and cultural background serves as the reflecting point.

    While flawed in its fundamental assertion, the general theory of relativity produced the awe about the Order we could scientifically extract from the universe. It is easy enough to show that the general theory of relativity is false, for it presumes light to have real momentum while denying light's virtual qualities of nonlocality. It is, however, not easy to explain the following this theory attracted. As it happened, the black hole that inevitably follows from this theory attracts doomsayers who can now think of themselves as scientists. Universities continue to espouse the general theory of relativity with degreed scientists who, full of black hole singularities, can find employment only in government labs. A case can be made that general relativity, as a doctrine, has surpassed communism in its duration and is now second only to the Dark Ages of medieval Europe. In resemblance to the Manichaean religion of ancient Persia, government scientists follow the primeval religion of enslavement of light by darkness by believing in and by pursuing nonexistent black holes.

    The press and the newly arising radio media of the twentieth century leveraged their power well, producing such gems as Uncle Stalin, Hitler-and-his-Righteous-Fatherland, and, of course, Albert -- a teddybear-genius. Fortunately, Internet took a big bite out of all this nonsense. The Amazon-style virtual bookstore and print-on-demand continue to leverage the Internet toward not only representative and balanced environment, but actually a truthful environment.

    In the last thirty years of his life Albert makes progress in the direction where his mind lived down his theories. It can be expected his followers will do the same and without taking many others with them. Albert is back inside his elevator and again he is not allowed to look outside. When the general theory of relativity becomes one of our legacies of pathological science, the echoes of the Great War will at last dissipate.

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