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topics deal with gravitation, free energy, and atomic computability


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DSSP Topics for December99

  • Electron acquires a wavelength only when it is moving. Electron transits two slits simultaneously and forms an interference pattern on the screen because of its wavelength [or because of whatever reason you may think]. If the electron were stationary and the two-slit apparatus was moving toward the electron, would we observe the interference pattern? If not, does it prove that there is an absolute velocity reference? [Newton is still working on that.]

  • The topology of gray matter of our brain is a solution to what mathematical problem, in 3D no less. [Think no intersect.]

DSSP Topics for November99

  • If decoherence is not a desirable property in QM computing on the atomic level, is there a topology or a (multi)atomic configuration that would minimize discontinuities? Would this help keep qubits from collapsing?

  • If our solar system started to accelerate, what would happen to its primary momentum? What would happen to the solar momentum? If the solar momentum were to increase, what would happen next?

  • Angular momentum is a function of the moment of inertia and the angular velocity. When a spinning gyro has its angular momentum pointing in the horizontal direction and is perturbed, it will start to move up. However, this will work only for a gyro that has its spinning mass confined to a narrow radius (and this will not work for another gyro having the same angular momentum but uniform mass distribution). Why?

DSSP Topics for October99

  • If a photon can "split" encountering a half-silvered mirror, would the same splitting mechanism hold if the photon were to encounter two slits?

  • If an electron produces the same interference pattern as photon, and, since photon is 100% virtual, does it mean that the electron transitions into virtual as it transits both slits simultaneously?

  • If the result of organization is topology, how would one relate solar systems to produce a near-spherical galaxy?

DSSP Topics for September99

  • If it can be shown that photons (light) do not have real momentum – that is, photons cannot push objects directly – would it prove the light to be a virtual phenomenon (with virtual/imaginary momentum)? Further, if light is virtual, does light propagate in the virtual medium? If so, how?

  • How does an independent variable relate to some other variable? (Is this an oxymoron?) If a variable is a function of some other variable, what makes one variable the independent variable and the other variable a dependent variable? [This has nothing to do with the side of the equation the variable is on.]

DSSP Topics for August99

  • If each atom starts to rotate individually, what is the geometry that allows the entire structure (composed of these atoms) to rotate?

  • If energy is conserved, how could real energy possibly transition to virtual energy and become (by definition) ... immeasurable?

  • When spinning gyro is perturbed, new force arises that is perpendicular to the spin. The conservation of energy holds, but how does the rotational energy translates into linear energy?
    a) Classically speaking?
    b) Any-which-way-you-can speaking?

  • If you impart linear kinetic energy to a mass body, what is the mechanism that "remembers" how much energy this body has? [Weak] Answer: Velocity. But what about rotational (spin) energy?

DSSP Topics for July99

  • Antimatter has inclusive property, and in its real state penetrates and annihilates matter with resulting X-ray emissions. Would a beam of antimatter make the target

    • "Glow in the dark?"
    • Turn plastic into powder?
    • Momentarily disable electronic circuits at low antimatter beam intensity?
    • Disrupt atomic reactor with possible meltdown consequences?
  • Light (electromagnetic radiation) also has inclusive properties. Light penetrates some matter but dissipates as heat and does not readily destroy matter. Can "material" be found that reflects antimatter?

  • What is the smallest stable antimatter particle in space? (Stable until it touches a real particle.)

DSSP Topics for June99

  • What is the fundamental difference between bounded and unbounded (free) particle?

  • What is another interpretation of Schrödinger equation since it is the same as the Frueth diffusion equation having icoefficients (imaginary coefficients) of diffusion?

  • Does Bell Theorem prove superluminal information transfer? If not, what is the implication to quantum mechanical gravitation?

DSSP Topics for May99

  • If we regress in time to a particular point, will we be able to "open a window or tunnel" and appear in the past? Why not?

  • If we "transition" to another point in space in real-time (instantaneously), will we be able to physically affect or move things? Sometimes? At will?

  • What is at the end of the universe? [Cafe At The End Of The Universe in Taos, NM, is one answer.] What happens if the craft got there?

  • Which hyperstate does not have an actual representation in the universe? In other words, which hyperstate yields a formal solution (by definition) but does not support independent angular momentum buildup?

DSSP Topics (Inaugural)

  • What is the best and worst case solar system adjustment if we "lost" Pluto? Consider both the primary and secondary momentum

  • What happens to the craft when the "operations point" moves from the center hyperstate to the blue-dot hyperstate? [Think non-integer dimensions of freedom]

  • Does time arise because of a movement along a trajectory or is time the intrinsic property of the real domain? (Classically, time is an independent variable. Relativistic view shows time becoming a dependent variable at speeds approaching the speed of light. There is more to this: an excellent exercise for the separation of dependent and independent variables.)

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