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Quantum Pythagoreans Book

Published by HyperFlight Press in Boston

Released in pdf April 26, 2006

Reiki Energy Essay

    • From the new practitioner of ancient healing

    • It is about individual empowerment as well. If you like cars, PCs, and the Internet, you could be gaining yet another degree of freedom

Released in pdf September 4, 2005

Hacking Matter by Wil McCarthy Book Review

Released in pdf August 1, 2003

    • Free electrons are free but we do not know it yet. Many good things come to you in this book and ahead of the wave.

    • Book aftertaste: Will new frontiers be settled with private investment or will NASA burden the progress?

Einstein, A Crashing Theory

Released in pdf June 1, 2003

    • What is your government-sponsored scientific religion? Set your laser on Push and say: "Have equations -- will travel. Amen."

    • Somebody knows what is real and what is not, but these people are not at NASA. Brief interview with one PhD sets the tone for NASA breakup

    • After reading this release you may think Compton is holding the fort. Try this exercise

    • Some people think relativistic view is the only possible view. This does not mean the world is going to stop there. The electron knows. The Relativity Postulate Is Neither

    • {June, 2005} Presently, NASA is putting out the idea that Einstein surpassed Newton and it may be time to surpass Einstein. Not so. Einstein corrupted physics while Newton is doing quite well with quantum mechanics around. Those who included Einstein in their mindset need to go one step back before they can think of moving ahead. Newton, for example, will prevail with his absolute spatial distance and absolute velocity because the particle carrying momentum as de Broglie's wave cannot carry the frame of reference. (The system is not computable under relativistic presumption.) Newton also remains relevant with his instant action-at-distance, which is quantum mechanical consequence of the reduction of the gravitational wavefunction. If NASA is looking for a new script instead of real science then NASA should be dismantled. NASA must get into merit-based science and technology. Otherwise, NASA will be broken up and it will not be pretty.

Light Cannot Push A Mirror, But.. Light Can Create Movement

Released in pdf February 5, 2003

      "Truth Is Victorious" -- Jan Hus
      "The Truth Will Set You Free" -- MLK
      "Take Advantage Of The Truth" -- MI

      It is not a mere curiosity that nobody measured the presumed pressure a laser beam imparts on mirror. Milking taxpayers with another "stand back I am the scientist" farce is one way of seeing it. The suppression of truth allows academia to charge fees for obsolete theories. NASA may appear as the entity to lead but that is not the case. It also should be noted that with the black hole worldview a person remains literally and figuratively earthbound

Light Mill Reverses Rotation -- In The Freezer, Second Issue (added illustration)

Released in pdf March 18, 2003

      This experiment is easy to do. Some fine points of working with the (kitchen) freezer are discussed here. Kitchen-teacher fusion at its best

Light Mill Reverses Rotation -- In The Freezer, Original Issue

Released in pdf September 5, 2002

      The old explanation of light mill (radiometer) rotation is in a bind if you try to explain why light mill reverses rotation in cold surroundings

New Star In The Heavens, Original Issue

Released in pdf November 30, 2002

      Five-pointed star is in the heavens for a long time now. You have to compute it to believe it.

      This press release is the original issue on this topic. Enhancements and additional work on Neptune-Pluto orbital interlock can be found here

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