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topics deal with gravitation, free energy, and atomic computability.


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DSSP Topics for December00

  • If we were to create angular momentum to give rise to the linear momentum, the angular momentum must be:

    - real
    - virtual
    - both real and virtual
  • If we create (real and/or virtual) angular momentum, will there arise a compensatory real linear momentum? If so, will the linear momentum:

    • Appear instantly, regardless of where the angular momentum is pointing?
    • Appear after a while and after the angular momentum is collected from local entities?
    • Appear only if the angular momentum' s direction can release compensatory opposite linear momentum somewhere else?
  • Sources of linear momentum are:

    • Planets that are receding
    • Planets that are accelerating
    • Planets that are spinning
    • Planets that have moons (large angular momentum)
    • Any massive body

DSSP Topics for November00

  • If we accelerate real electron in space, and we can do this only by using a field, it will become increasingly difficult to increase the electron speed and it will become impossible to exceed the speed of light. This phenomena is due to:

    • Some kind of "drag" that happens even in the vacuum of space. Electron bumps into things that appear and disappear in quantum vacuum
    • The field that is accelerating the electron cannot move faster than the speed of light anyway and we cannot get "ahead" of the field
    • Electron is acquiring wavelength that increases with electron's speed while the field is trying to collapse the electron's wavelength
    • Electron is acquiring wavelength that computationally relates to space at the speed of light. At lightspeed, electron cannot compute

    [Think about the mechanism that remembers how much energy a moving electron has. After all, the conservation of energy must hold at all times, even if we are not measuring the electron's speed.]

  • We observe electron's propensity to orbit -- that is, electron's wavefunctions curl up and close. If the gravitational wavefunctions are straight, is it likely that the electron does not exhibit gravitational pull (attraction) toward neutral bodies even though the electron has measurable mass?

DSSP Topics for October00

  • If light is 100% virtual, will:

    • Aiming a laser into space couple with virtual elements it may encounter and bring about the collapse of their wavefunction?
    • Aiming of a laser onto matter keep electrons bound and bring the atom into noncomputable state?
  • If photons can become virtual pairs, would it be possible to make a device that would allow instantaneous communication?

DSSP Topics for September00

  • When light in the Michelson-Morley apparatus enters the "beam splitter," what really happens is:

    • Some photons get reflected and some pass through
    • Photon physically splits, about one half of the photon gets reflected and the remainder passes through
    • Every photon splits but remains an interconnected pair as each end propagates along a different path
    • Photon that is reflected perturbs the field in the straight direction -- and vice versa -- so there is always one real photon and one phantom photon
  • If one arm of the Michelson-Morley apparatus is evacuated, light speed in this arm would increase and the interference pattern will shift. Besides using this as the apparatus for measuring the level of vacuum, you would also conclude that:

    • Air does not figure intrinsically in the propagation of light
    • Whatever is left after air is evacuated cannot be vacated by mechanical means
    • Whatever is left after air is evacuated cannot be vacated by any means
    • Whatever is left after air is evacuated is a virtual medium

DSSP Topics for August00

  • When you think about the gravitational force equations among three bodies and realize there is no general solution to these equations, you:

    • Declare yourself born-again, quit your job, and defer all problems to God
    • Start believing in black holes because things lead to dead ends
    • Work it until you figure it out
  • When we observe that bar galaxy's main segment is straight as a straight edge going on for 500 to 5,000 light years, we conclude that:

    • Force is curving space and space is curving light and, when all is said and done, things look straight again
    • Nothing is curving anything and what you get is what you see

DSSP Topics for July00

  • If you took a fishing pole on a shuttle mission and cast it, the hook, line and sinker would go [think angular momentum]:

    • Straight up and away from earth
    • Straight down toward the earth
    • Tail behind the shuttle in the same attitude
    • Drop back down into the bay and go nowhere
    • Keep going in the direction of the cast
  • Galaxies are observed in a "collision" where solar systems pass by each other without much interaction and without much disturbance to each other. Does this mean that:

    • Solar system are going so fast they do not affect each other by much
    • Gravitational forces among solar systems of a particular galaxy are much stronger than forces among solar systems from another galaxy. If so, why

DSSP Topics for June00

  • If you arrived at another solar system, prioritize what you would search for to bring back as samples, pictures, analysis [not all choices have value]:

    • Nifty plants, animals, insects. Microorganisms
    • Top ten models
    • Warfare technology
    • Food chains
    • Rocks
    • Large stones architectures
    • Large-boned people (like Cyclops) that could lift large stones
    • Patterns, colors, symbols
    • Tall buildings
    • Planetary orbits and their momentum. Maps of g vectors at planets of interest
    • Closely knit social groups
    • Metals, chemicals
    • Underground structures, mineral deposits
    • Other extraterrestrial visitors
  • If a planet orbits in perfect circular orbit, it cannot commence spinning and it cannot increase or decrease the spin it may have. Why?

  • If atom is a dynamic mix of real and virtual states, is it possible for many atoms to be virtual at any one time? [This is not about spoon-bending]. Besides (near) absolute zero, what is the mechanism that could keep atoms in their virtual state?

DSSP Topics for May00

  • If sun's angular momentum increases and a planet is about to be born, what is the mechanism that keeps the separating mass in one piece rather than flying off in several pieces and in separate directions? If there are any remnants, would these become asteroids (even if asteroids are not in the Oss plane)? [Think secondary momentum]

  • If you can create gravitational vector(s), would these vectors have the same magnitude at all times (would these be at the pilot's complete control) or would one need to come up with a schedule or instrumentation to gauge its strength? That is, does one create the vector at will or can one only take advantage of existing though varying virtual vectors?

  • When photon becomes real, it ends its existence as light and becomes heat (that may re-radiate later as another photon if it is not converted to another form of energy). When electron materializes (unspreads), it remains an electron and does not change into something else. Why? [Think charge]

DSSP Topics for April00

  • If you can build a craft capable of vectoring gravity, how would you implement a second engine to get another concurrent gravity vector?

  • In the solar system, planets orbit at different rates, yet solar systems orbit in galaxy in a lockstep -- regardless of their distance from the eye. Why? If the solar system is composed of two-body subsystems, what is the only other available stable (formally organized) entity for a galaxy?

DSSP Topics for March00

  • If several planets line up along a straight line, does the solar system posses

    • greater stability
    • greater vulnerability
    • neither greater stability or vulnerability
  • If a solar system gains greater stability when its planets are in a straight line, what would the planetary topology be for the solar system to have the least stability? (most propensity toward chaotic behavior?)

  • What is the advantage (or a purpose) for planets to spin? What is the advantage (or a necessity) for all planetary orbits to be in one plane?

DSSP Topics for February00

  • In the virtual domain, entities exist in superposition and continuously and inclusively relate with all other virtual entities. What is the mechanism that allows the virtual entity to remain whole? [There is more than one way]

  • Where does antimatter come from? (Although there is no commonly accepted explanation, antimatter can be created during collisions.) This site makes a case for antimatter to be created when matter is compressed. But what is the internal mechanism that creates antimatter?

  • If you had as much energy as you wanted, would you be able to create matter by presuming matter and energy are related through a simple equation? How would you go about doing it? How could you show that the creation of matter from energy is not possible without information, which, in and of itself, is represented as virtual energy?

DSSP Topics for January00

  • If the virtual domain's properties consist of concurrency and coherence, would it be possible (or would it be a prerequisite) for several virtual objects to be linked in such a way as to perceive identical experience? If the linkage collapses, would it collapse for one, some, or for all virtual objects having such identical experience? [Think system's creation]

  • Is the virtual associated with knowledge or with data? In other words, is the virtual the source of something that is complete or is it just bits and pieces?

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